Jeffrey Paul, cryptocurrency expert is now on Steemit!

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Jeffrey Paul

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Hi there! I'm Jeffrey Paul (sometimes known as @sneak), a American-born hacker and researcher living in Berlin, Germany.

I'm particularly passionate about consensual, voluntary interactions and censorship resistant publishing and payments. It's impossible to directly perform violence via IP packets, which means a neutral internet rapidly approaches the ideal solution for humans to participate freely and consensually in the marketplace of ideas. Steem is a huge and important step toward that goal of free and unrestricted access to publishing and information for all human beings.

I've been hacking on networks, systems, code, and crypto for about twenty years, and writing and speaking and consulting on cryptocurrencies since 2009.

In the process I founded a nonprofit "freenet" provider of mail and hosting services to artists and musicians, a small and focused consulting organization, and a cryptocurrency recovery key service. An expert in real-world engineering solutions, development methodologies, cutting edge ops, monitoring, and modern information security practices, I've worked extensively in varied engineering and technical leadership roles safeguarding extremely high-value information and the reliability of critical services for companies specializing in markets like payment card processing, secure communications, and financial services.

I've just discovered Steem in the last few weeks, and I couldn't be more excited to participate (in all of: the development, the p2p network/blockchain, and the content/community)!

Follow me here to keep up on my security and engineering work around Steem. Here's a little taste from the last few days:

Current Projects


I founded EEQJ in 2009. A small and flexible consulting organization, EEQJ specializes in working with startups and medium enterprises to identify, remediate, and prevent information security errors in critical business processes, as well as emergency incident response to help companies safeguard their customer information and quickly get securely back on their feet after a breach.

We've worked with almost all of the market-leading companies in Bitcoin, and look forward to connecting as vendors, friends, and allies with the wider cryptocurrency market as it develops. Get in touch! We're friendly, expert, and always happy to help out the community in any way we're able.

I co-founded last year in collaboration with BitGo, the leading provider of secure, multi-sig wallets for Bitcoin.

Trusted by 100,000 bitcoin users and counting, we keep backup keys safe for multi-sig wallet users, freeing them from the hassle of generating, storing, and safely backing up a recovery key to protect their funds, and ensuring that such supremely important keys are always handled with the utmost in professional, expert care.

Contacting Jeffrey Paul

Other Interesting Projects

Financing The Revolution

Financing The Revolution: Secure, private value transactions using digital cash

In 2011 I spoke at the Chaos Communications Camp about censorship-resistant payments as an essential prerequisite for a free society, with a focus on the usefulness of then-underground Bitcoin. :)

Let's Talk Bitcoin Interview

Let's Talk Bitcoin: Bitcoin & sneak's law with Jeffrey Paul

In New York in 2013 I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Adam B. Levine of the excellent Let's Talk Bitcoin podcast about the effects of state-sponsored spying and the circumstances surrounding end-user key safety.

My First Post On Steem

Today, I made my very first blog entry on Steem and I welcome and encourage your feedback, positive or negative or otherwise: 😊


Welcome aboard, may you thrive among us all, namaste :)

nice glasses.

STEEM is a decentralized hack to a decentralized bank account

Upvoted mainly due to the choice of sunglasses. Props.

ty, they're my favorite. :D

where do I get some of those sunglasses!

Mine are knockoffs, should run between $10 and $20 (you might need to buy a box of a dozen).

Here are originals:

Awesome backdrop @sneak where was that?

Thoughts on running Steemit through TOR? Doo-able?

(Yes, i think steemd-via-tor is definitely doable - I will post about different ways to easily run steemd (including via tor) sometime next month.)


Man, every day it seems like I get multiple presents in the form of new, amazing people joining Steemit who I line up with philosophically in so many ways. This is by far my favorite place on the Internet right now. :)

Likewise over here ;-)

Welcome! Hope to see you at the next Berlin Bitcoin Meetup!

welcome to steemit @sneak !
nice to meet you 8]

please verify you identity.
Edit: identity verified in twitter.
Welcome to steemit, judging by twitter followers another famous person have joined.

I'm not famous outside of the crypto scene, but thank you for verifying me. :)

Welcome! Great to have you aboard, and wow, this place is starting to feel like a Marvel movie with all the crypto superheros showing up!

I have those same shades. :3

how much did Dan and co offer you to post here?

For the record: I receive no compensation from SteemIt directly for my posts or comments, save whatever upvotes you see on my content as provided by individual users.

I guess the direct answer is: "however much their personal upvotes end up vesting out to in liquid money"? Definitely a lot more than I expected when I wrote and submitted the post, that's for sure. :)

Nobody does, it is not direct it is via the complex system that dan created.
How much were you offered to post here?
For sure Dan and co have other accounts that look like individual users.

I was offered nothing in advance to post here. All of the rewards I received for this post I found out about after posting.

This is not to say I don't think there are some issues with the way rewards work under the current system; but I am new to steem and need to better understand the functioning of the blockchain (by reading the code) and the policy decisions of Steemit-the-organization before my opinions there are fully formed and informed. Expect a post on it sometime in September.

What brings you SHEER DELIGHT?

You are very capable

Welcome! Must be nice to waltz right in and make this much cash lol. Hopefully your fan base follows.

Welcome to steemit, I believe you will be a great addition to the cause. Also, your resume is extensive, we need knowledgeable members such as yourself to help all of us stay safe. I hope you will create and start up even more security for the users of steemit. I support your movement as well.

Welcome to Steemit Jeffrey Paul and best regards from Berlin! :)

On the topic of state sponsored spying, do you ever wonder if some of these "hacks" of popular Bitcoin exchanges are state sponsored?

If the answer is yes, then a door opens for an anonymous currency which would allow state sponsored hackers to stock up on stolen money from hacks and scams which very well could be on behalf of or in the interest of a nation state.

The problem with tools for liberty is that bad people (governments included) can use them just the same as normal people. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

We will always outnumber them; fear not.

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Fix your mind on truth, hold firm to virtue, rely on loving kindness, and find your recreation in the Arts.

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