Skitbay: your social market place and crypto wallet payment method

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 After months of brainstorming, sketching, and programming we are excited to announce the SkitBay project!    

This project comes from a simple realization. Despite the trend and growing culture that surrounds cryptocurrency and the technology, major retailers and marketplaces have failed to adapt and implement the technology. Today, billions of dollars are valued in coins, but practical opportunities to buy and sell using cryptocurrencies remain abysmal. 

SkitBay is a marketplace that allows you and I, cryptocurrency holders and enthusiasts, to purchase goods and services using cryptocurrency without the need to cash-out. The SkitBay marketplace is the project the community needs to bridge the gap between the old economy and the new economy.  

What makes Skitbay special you might ask? Let us convince you this is not another shallow crypto-project and we are really here to make a difference.


SkitBay is entirely self-funded by a team of successful entrepreneurs from diverse, but complementary backgrounds. Our board team has vast experience in blockchain technology and even a deeper understanding of global retail markets. The platform will be released fully functional and already endowed with hundreds of stores and thousands of products. Ready for users to begin their shopping experience or even open their own store!  


SkitBay will introduce a reward system to enable rewards for users who participate in promoting or reviewing products. Blockchain technology will ensure total transparency, accountability and reputation of accounts. This will protect sellers and buyers from fake reviews and spam bots.   


We are developing a user-friendly crypto-payment solution available on web and mobile devices. This payment method will be used to settle transactions on the SkitBay marketplace. No need to copy & paste lengthy wallet addresses, SkitPay is built so that your grandmother can use it. SkitPay will enable users to send currency to an email or mobile number.  

In 2019, SkitPay will become a standalone application working similarly to Alipay or Wechat pay. The SkitPay API will allow merchants around the world (shops, restaurants, retailers ...) to accept cryptocurrency (Bitcoin,Ethereum, etc.) as payments, securely and seamlessly via QR code or In-app transfers. 


We love the visionary aspects of and will be working closely with their team to bring the first app integrated into Busy v3. This partnership will introduce a social media parameter to the SkitBay marketplace.  

 Now if you like what you read here, we invite you to visit our website and to read our whitepaper for more in-depth information and how we envision the project. For the latest updates, follow Skitbay on Twitter. If you you’d like to reach to us, drop-by the SkitBay discord server and say Hello!   

Lend us a hand, Resteem / Share this post, and to spread the word about Skitbay!

You can also contact the team directly on Telegram


The need for functional as opposed to speculative services in blockchain is very great. Among the functions needed, simple-to-use portals from fiat to crypto to goods/services probably tops the list. This project looks very promising to me and the prospect of being able to purchase goods of a wide variety directly with crypto is super exciting.

If I might ask, what is the origin of your name "skitbay?" I'm guessing the -bay is riffing on eBay, but I'm at a loss about the skit- part. The name sounds a little bit random upon first hearing it. (Though, to be fair, so did STEEM when I first heard of it!)

Skit means short story :p. In the beginning our app was supposed to be a blog. Haha

Aha! It all makes sense now :-D

good news bro nice to see

if @ekitcho is here, its legit

very complicated already, cryptocurrency. #skitbay provides thousands of stores. and it's very easy to spend.

is the marketplace ready to download as an app can i get the marketplace on a website?

Hi, @steemingmark ! Skitbay is currently in development phase, we plan to have an open beta testing ready for Q4 2018 (end of this year). Regarding your second question, Skitbay will be delivered as a phone AND web app, so it will totally be accessible through a website !

great thanks for the update!!

jejejejeje hasta mi abuela puede usarlo que chevere..

Sounds very interesting, I read the white paper. I've been using Etsy as a market place to sell my handmade goods for a while. It's a nice service they provide but I guess it can be made way better.

It's very true indeed that there's a lot of value in users who rate products. The reviews of the customers is what builds the trust, is what I experienced myself. And they give a nice boost of confidence to the seller if it's a good one!

I am an Etsy seller as well- would love to hear your thoughts about the platform and your experience!

Cool! What do you sell? What would you like to know?

This is an interesting concept indeed. If this project is successful, it may solve the issue most retailers have, which is the long transaction times that come with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. This should indeed bridge the gap between old-school retailers and modern, cutting edge technology.

Upvoted, resteemed & following :) 🌸

That was a great new project you shared the details of. A platform like skitbay is what is required by the cryptocurrency enthusiasts to loosen their purse strings and really put their coins to good use.

Such a platform will catapult the use of cryptocurrency manyfold thereby increasing its demand and therefore its value too. The cryptocurrencies will command much more respect and their utility will rise manyfold.All this will auger wonderfully well for digital currency enthusiasts.
I earnestly wish great success to the Skitbay project.

i think it's going to be best online store forever if you really do that :)

Great project.

Will it be set up to support subscription services, auto-renewal and that sort of thing on a 3rd party website?

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