My Introductory post

Hi Steamians
I'm Kayode Olusola Isaac, 2nd of 5 children and a Medical Doctor by profession. I'm from Akure , Ondo state, Nigeria. I've lived in Lagos all my life except for by brief years in Medical School at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-ife Osun state. I'm a Christian, lover of God and I also believe in morality image

I'm a tech and game lover, taking leisure time as an opportunity to completely disconnect from anything medical (it can suck at times). My best games include Pro Evolution Soccer (any edition from 2012), FIFA Manager (where i played from 2012 to 2053, and still counting) and every other soccer games either PC or phones. I write when i get inspired to. image

I love music(I sing and do some lil compositions). I've always had one thing or the other to do with music since I was 5, so all I had done was to acquire as much musical knowledge and skill as possible. Choice of music ranges from classical to contemporary highlife and R n B. I really believe as a Nigerian aside from hard work which we are known for we can also try to carve a niche for ourselves in any chosen profession. image

I'll like to appreciate @ifioklee for making me aware of this platform and for his guidance so far.


great to have you here. I look forward to seeing your post my friend and best of luck to you.

Thanks, I'm grateful

Welcome to the steemit community. I assure you that you would love this community.

Really looking forward to. Thanks

Hi... Nice to see you.. Welcome in steem nation .I hope you enjoy your time here & I will see a lot of nice posts from you.
.good luck ...
Best wishes for many new follower and friends .. <3
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Awesome Intro post, @skaybliss! Thanks for giving a shout out to the person who brought you to the platform! Would you be able to do a "verification photo"? It is basically just a picture of you holding a piece of paper with the date and your username on it. Thanks bud!
I'm @gogogadgetupvote, and I Upvoted and Resteemed your intro thanks to a link from @mitneb in my Daily "Introduceyourself Post Bounty! Make sure you check out my contest post I linked there, I have linked several helpful posts for new steemians at the bottom!

Yes, I can do d verification photo, where do I send it after doing it and how do I go about it, thanks

You can just edit this post and add it in at any time before this post pays out.

Welcome home bro. Glad to see a fellow musician .

Welcome skaybliss !!!
So glad you started posting and joined steemit ! Can't wait to read more from you.

I also love FIFA! I would love a follow back so we can talk about sports!

Welcome @skaybliss
Great to have you here, hope you will enjoy your journey through Steemieducation. I look forward to hearing more from you

Thanks, my pleasure to be here.

Hello @skaybliss welcome to steemit! I hope you will enjoy your time in the community. 😊😊

Welcome officially to Steemit @skaybliss
Enjoy your stay here sir

Welcome to steemit bro


Hey welcome to steemit. Have a good time here :)


welcome to steemit @skaybliss! The glasses really caught my attention. It appears to be a hidden easter egg inside joke of sorts. Share with me! What's the scoop?

Welcome :)!