Introduction / hello steemit, I'm from Brazil and would like to introduce myself.

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                                                                                                      Hello Steemit Community,  


 My name isJacklin, I live in Brazil, I just met this beautiful Steemit platform and I loved the idea of ​​being the first social network that rewards you for creating and consuming content for it, different from facebook where they earn billions of dollars and It does not divide anything.
I am blogging for the first time, I have some difficulties to understand, because I am still learning the English language. I am seeing this incredible tool as great potential for me to improve my English every time, sorry for any grammar error. I feel privileged and honored in you as future friends, where we can share ideas, contents. 


 Thank you all for the time you spent to read my short introduction. Great week to everyone. 


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hello bro

Hello. :D

Welcome isJacklin, may you be well . =) followed you since i want to see more of your arts and photography.