Woke up to an email from my dad saying this reminded him of me?

All it said was, "Zappa's intro reminded me of you....."

Haha I am certainly taking it as a compliment. Spread the love, right? Well, I decided to use this as my introduceyourself post. I am new to steemit but very alive in the crypto community and am hoping to find this as a new outlet to share ideas with like minded people. Crypto discussions, sharing funky tunes like this one, maybe a hint of activism for issues I really care about outside of crypto as well.

Vincent Briatore and the #vincentb crowd gave me the final push to get here, but I've had my eye on steemit for awhile. Let's see what we can do guys! I am excited to be here and I hope we can all have some fun while raking in some steem together. Upvote and I will see you and follow back. Cheers!



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