Dear Madam and Sir ^^

Nice to meet you here. I am Simon and i like to make Money & helping people all around the world with this passion.
I learnt in my earliest ages to be aware of losing and making money. So i always try to make the best out of any oppurtunity and try to understand politics and the history of our species. I love gaming and playing awesome electronic music. Especially i am a Trance and Progressive House Lover, not to mention Hardstyle can also be very inspiring. Ego Shooters, RPGs, Strategy and the good old Eve Online is what i like to play on PC.

With stock market experience of over 17 years and derivative market experience of over 10 years i learnt to play the money game hard by working in the Finance Industry and tributing a lot of private time in learning how do invest accordingly like Warren Buffet. I started my trading carrier 1 Month before 9/11 happened. I traded and invested trough all the last cycles of Boom and Bust. The issues in the global financial system are just getting worse since then. Politicians and Central Bankers/Planners only work for the really rich 0.10% not for the people.

Always searching for new chances my first contact with Crypto was in late 2013. I ordered a mining machine from a Swiss Mining Hardware Seller bitmine.ch to Start Mining in early January 2014. They got bankrupt and my money was lost. DAMN BITCOIN!!! I swore to never again take a hand on BITCOIN again. What a internet scam, i thought. In fact Chinese Chip Manufacturers and the very bad scammy Management of Bitmine.ch were the blameable.

I got back to my investments and trading like every before and doing Value Investing and building up a derivative Portfilio for the next coming Storm in the Stock and Bond Markets.

Then the month of March 2017 came and i read about a big DASH PUMP, which started DASH´s stellar rise to $ 120 per Coin. I was stunned about the trading oppurtunities which already existed, like trading regular MACD on DASH and also using all other well-known technical analysis tools i use all day long trading derivatives or stocks for example.
Immediately i registered to Poloniex and started trading and investing in DASH. This was the real and working kickstarter for me to be and stay in the crypto space.
Honestly i have to say, that the DASH Community is really a great, loving, inspiring, intelligent and caring part of life now. I already found friends & like-minded people in the DASH & Steem Community from all over the world to work together on our DREAM of a FREE Society with SOUND & FREE MONEY and without HYPERINFLATION and GOVERNMENTS stealing our hard earning money from US and OUR CHILDRENS.

Just watch this video, what Bitcoin has helped in Argentina:

Bitcoin empowering people in Uganda:

The proper Song for my crypto revolution message-> Da Tweekaz & Neilio - Freedom Lyrics:

Freedom and fear are at war
The advance of human freedom
The great achievement of our time
And the great hope of every time
Now depends on us

Our nation, this generation
Will lift a dark threat of violence
From our people and our future
We will rally the world to this cause
By our efforts, by our courage

Freedom and fear
Justice and cruelty
Have always been at war
And we know that God
Is not neutral between them


Simon the Ravager

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Nice one @simontheravager! We got into Dash at the same time :)

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