Hi Steemit! Fashion Designer in the house!

Hi Steemians, your fashion designer has arrived!
My name is Simge, i'm 27 years old and i was born in Turkey and live in Milano for now.
Since i was a child, my dream was to become a designer.
I studied painting in high school of fine arts and prepared for exams to win the ability exam of an university. So i succeeded and entered Fashion Design department of faculty of fine arts by ability exam which was my dream.
This was the first step for my career!

  • First photo is from our workshop in draping class.
  • Second photo is an example of a fabric print design and fashion illustration.
  • Third one is gouache painting work in a basic art education lesson.
  • Fourth picture is an example of a fast sketch of me and my friend when we were on a break.

collage-2018-02-12 (1).jpg

I met my love of my life @oguylmz from a game called World of Warcraft in first year of university. We are together for 7 years and basically we grew up together. 😍

These are photos of us in different years.

collage-2018-02-12 (3).jpg

And we have a really handsome son. Meet Rakı. He is a Turkish Van cat and he is 6 years old now. He is in Turkey, stays with my boyfriend so i miss him so much!

collage-2018-02-12 (4).jpg

I couldn't show all my projects in university because i made so many. I'll show examples from projects i did last 2 years. Maybe i can show the rest of them later.
The project which i was most enthusiastic about, was "Violence against women" (S/s-15) themed. That was a social project to prevent violence and attract attention to it.
I made hand painting to white fabric and stitched, which was completely white in beginning.
With this project, i had a chance to show up on podium at İzmir Fashion Week.
Some of the parts are like this!
collage-2018-02-12 (6).jpg

Fashion show video;

My finishing thesis project named Geometric Evolution(S/s-16).
The project is inspired by Origami and Krigami techniques.
I created my own Krigami designs and used application technique on clothes. When i was in showroom of our school, my project drew attention of the dean of Bunka fashion college. While we were talking about origami i found out that Yohji Yamamoto (one of the most famous fashion designer in Japan) was her student.

Here are some photos of my project.
collage-2018-02-12 (7).jpg

And photoshoot video;

I got some degrees in fashion design contests and finally my "Astrarium" themed design brought me the 1st place.
First, you start with creating your collections and it takes long time. I had to go to a different city twice for fittings and arrangements because creative director was living there. Here is how the system works. She gives you some information and ideas and you can't continue without her approval. In the beginning you buy supplies and create patterns depending on your drawings. These supplies are just for trial sessions. If the director approves them you get to create real designs with original fabrics. And the stitching process begins.
As i did before, i bought fabrics as completely white and painted with my hands.
collage-2018-02-12 (8).jpg

Jury presentation and couple hours remaining for the show.
I told the jury in the last minute that my designs change color under ultraviolet light and that was a shock for them 🙂
collage-2018-02-12 (9).jpg

Let the show begin!

Catwalk looks;

I got 1st place, earned a scholarship for 2 years and some cash 🙂
Here are some pictures of me in the media.
collage-2018-02-12 (10).jpg

With my scholarship, i chose Istituto Marangoni which is in top 10 best fashion schools.
I always had a sympathy for Italy though. As you know Milano is called heart of the fashion. I graduated in womenswear master program first year now i am studying accessory design.
The school is really challenging.
Also i'm a finalist in a contest again, which arranged by Rado, subsidiary brand of Swatch.
I hope i can get good results. Wish me luck. 😇

2017-12-14 05.32.57 1.jpg

I hope you had fun reading this. I tried to make it short and not to be boring. I want to share my designs, create designs for this platform and be part of this great community.
Thank you and see you around. Ciao!


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Thanks for the long description and valuable photos.

Thank you! glad you like it! =)

everything perfect nice couple nice article and also i love that painting...thanks turkey boy :)


You got a 55.05% upvote from @inciter courtesy of @oguylmz!

Welcome to Steemit darling. You are amazing. <3

You believe me and i did it. Thank you Amore! <3

Welcome! I bet this will be a great place to show off your designs.

I agree, this is a great platform to show my works. Thank you!

Fantastic intro, @simgemngc! :) We don't count that much professional fashion designers here on the platform, i think you may blaze a trail and carve yourself a niche :) Love Milano btw, it was my first Italian destination last year :) Enjoy!

Thank you so much @herverisson! I'm glad that i'm seen as professional 🙂 Have so many works to share, also making new ones everyday. I agree Milano is great!

Great! Can't wait to see more :) And may i suggest the tag "creativity" for your next posts? as you can see here, it's a very popular one: https://steemit.com/tags

Thank you for the tactic, i will consider it next time .🙂

hello i'm kiimolo and i'm new on steemit....i'm a fashion illustrator ...didn't really see alot of people in this category....really like your page and was wondering if you could put me through

Wonderful work I look forward to seeing what else you post!!! <3

Thank you so much @aylacroft ! <3

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