Celebrate 250 followers and SBD Giveaway

Today I earn 250 followers total

How I get 250 followers within a day :

My statistics since joining SteemFollower from July 29 to August 12 (13 days total)

Here's how the Follow Exchange looks on SteemFollower

How to join

Go to this link .

Click 'Login'
Enter your steemit username (without the @) and click 'Next'
Paste your private posting key and click 'Log In'
Accept the requested permissions to Vote and Follow and click 'Continue as @user'

To Celebrate 250 followers
Am planing to send some SBD among my followers.

Rules for getting SBD

1.Give a upvote
2.Resteem it.

  1. Leave a comment.

Wellcome to the community!

Welcome to Steem.com

Thanks a lot for your support .
without you its maybe not possible .

This comment has received a 0.63 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @banjo.

This comment has received a 0.52 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @banjo.

Congratulation :)
I am one of your followers but a saw this post randomly.
I like that there are so many tools for this community, but​​ i am asking my self how real these followers truly are? You know what i mean?

Am a new user but I study this deeply ,
I understand your concern
Am explaining As far I understand about the workflow of of steemit followers
actually they are trying to create a community.
Suppose you create a group of 10 steemit user and
show 9 others users list and encourage this user to follow that 9 user.
But question is why this user will follow the others 9.
you give an offer that if he follow those 9 user you will ensure that the others 9 will follow that user .
you give the same offer to all the 10 users.
what happens now. each and everyone is follow each and everyone of this group. each user get 9 followers .
same principle use this steemit follower user.
Now the big question is WHAT IS THERE BENEFIT????
They are showing the member list to follow.they can show particular user to everyone so that this particular user get too much follower.

I think now you are clear that those followers are real.

Now another question is, How much effective those followers are?
To be honest its really depends on situation . For me they are not 100% effective but yes Now my post get more Upvote then previous.
if I have 10 followers and among them 5% are upvote my post. other hand If i have 250 followers and 2% among them are upvote my post. then this 2% is grater then previous 5%

oh wao great achievement

ok i vote you if you have few free minute so come to my blog @farhannaqvi7 where i give you happiness in just few second if you feel happy then upvote and follow

Thanks a lot.
Am following you :)

very nice, i gave you vote and follow you. kindly follow me and give me vote also.thax

Thanks a lot. Following you.

This post has received a 0.52 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @banjo.

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Welcome to family :)

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