Hi Steemians, I’m Jen – a Biologist, Scuba Diver and a Fire Dancer

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Passion turned into a profession.
Steemians, I’m excited to share my professional travels and explorations through this amazing social media platform and a great way to start is to introduce myself.

I am Jenina, a Masters in Environmental Biology and has worked at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for 2 years. The job I had there was literally my dream job as I had all the time doing things I love from sea diving to traveling, and even caving.



At DENR-Region VII, I conduct research and collect data documenting economic and ecological trends in the areas I am assigned to. I also undertake on-field community-based programs for project awareness and livelihood benefits while coordinating with associated institutions, offices and the local government.

Research and documentation has to be accompanied with travels and explorations. Bohol, Negros, Camotes and my very own home, Cebu - these were some of the places where I conducted some of my field works. Gee, traveling was fun, but what's more satisfying is sharing my personal advocacy to many residents, and that is to protect, conserve and appreciate wildlife and the beauty of nature.


Though I had a great time lending my services for the conservation of nature through DENR, I eventually accepted an offer by Coastal Qatar last July 2017 to be their Project Coordinator . You ask me what project it is? It’s the seats for the 2022 FIFA World Cup stadium. I know its very different from my past job, but considering it as a great help for my family financially is already enough for me to convince myself to accept and embrace it. From Philippines to Qatar, this whole new challenge is gonna be exciting.



Grotty, muddy, cold claustrophobic places. At least that is what the majority of us think. But Im one of the minority having a true passion of venturing to these extreme areas. This is why I love to explore and study caves.


For me, traveling equates to learning and expanding your perspective. Aside from the fun it has or the adventure it brings, it also makes you appreciate life and nature. Luckily on my job at DENR, I do fieldworks for my passion, so I get ready for each travel and it’s like “all expense paid” covered from food, transportation and accommodation for official work.


Discovering the underwater world is truly an incredible experience and completely different from land travels as it allows us to see more of the world. Scuba Diving has been a “need and want” for me. I need it because I am a Biologist and I want it simply because it is my passion. It was indeed a passion turned into profession as I got my license last year as an advanced professional diver.


Fire dancing and diving – these two are total opposites but both are close to my heart. As a kid, dancing was a big part of my life and when I got old enough, I took it to the next level. It takes a whole lot of practice just to learn fire dancing, and mastering it is another story. You need to have the passion to overcome the fear of getting burned, literally.


When @jhon21 introduced to me this platform, I never hesitated to join because I'm just too excited to share my travels and explorations as a professional and as a passionate traveler. And when he said you get rewarded every time you post, the motivation I have just pumped up . Though, the thing here is I get to tell you my treks, post sublime pictures I have, and ultimately push my advocacy in life – protect, conserve and appreciate wildlife and nature.

So that’s it Steemians. I hope you support my future posts ;)


Welcome to steemit ;)
Two tips:

  1. If you are into science, don't miss up on @steemstem, they are a service curating great science posts and upvoting them big time!
  2. Make a video of your fire dancing and upload it to @dtube! I am sure people will love it!
    Resteemed you for some publicity :)

Very much appreciated @welcoming I love sharing nature so much and my other passions as well. Surely, I will share more interesting photos and videos in my upcoming posts. Thank you for the helpful tips! :)

nice introductory post @shinthesage, am an environmental biologist my self, i could relate positively with all forms of work you do in you base, seeing well articulated pictures of your daily activities at work and even what you love doing at leisure gives me joy, welcome to steemit....Together we will succeed.

Thank you @fredskillz! Am glad to know other environmental biologist. Will be posting more adventure photos of nature. Please keep posted and see you!

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy your time here. This is a great outlet for your creative side and you can find great original content from people just like you. I'll give you a follow because I also love scuba diving.

Thank you for welcoming me here and following ! More scuba adventure photos to come.


Welcome to steemit @shinthesage
And let's share about your life ..

You seem like a great addition to steemit! I've assembled a little guide for new users, hope it helps! (@steemstem and @geopolis seem like they'd be especially up your alley.)

@Mountainwashere's Guide for New Users:

Welcome to Steemit! It's got a steep learning curve, but it's worth it in the long run if you keep putting in the time! Just know that it will take quite a while before you start getting attention and followers. The biggest secret to success? Keep posting high quality content regularly, and make sure to search out other people's posts, read them, and give relevant comments.

Tagging is extremely important. Always make sure to use all five possible tags, and to keep them relevant. You can always just tag something "blog" or "photography" or something else really general (so long as it's still relevant) to fill the quota if you need to- most of your tags should be established ones, though one or two less used ones are fine.

Posting more than four times a day can reduce your potential rewards, as well as turning off potential users. (I aim for one post per day most of the time.) Consistency is important, though, so you should try to post often.

Always make sure to attach a photo to your posts! You should also have a finished profile: Write a description, add a profile picture and a banner- neither needs to be a photo of you, necessarily, but you should have something- and set a website.

There are a lot of really good resources out there for plankton and minnows (new users). You should check out the following groups and services, they offer a lot of valuable resources:

@thesteemengine (Check this one out first- they're an extremely supportive group that can help out in a lot of ways.)
@qurator (These guys offer an excellent liftime upvote to accounts that post consistent quality content.)
@steembasicincome (Another lifetime upvote option.)
@steemstem (The biggest and best STEM curation group in the game. If you're interested in writing or reading about science, check these guys out!)
@geopolis (A fairly new science curation group, this one's dedicated to the study of the Earth.)
@ocd (A curation group that seeks out undervalued new writers.)

Much of the activity on steemit actually takes place off Steemit, on places like steemit.chat and discord. Learning to use them is a great idea.

And, again, the biggest thing is just patience. Breakout successes are incredibly rare on Steemit- you've got to find your way to success through perseverance and hard work. It takes time, but you'll eventually succeed if you put in the work.

Please feel free to repost this guide on the posts of other plankton & minnows you run into (though I'd appreciate it if you credit me.) If it was useful to you, feel free to check out my posts and give me a follow!

Thank you @mountainwashere. I am excited to share my nature and underwater photography. Please follow me on my future posts.

I think your comment is useful @mountainwashere! It took me days to finally find @steemstem which is fit for my forte. And niw Im having new names! Thanks

Welcome to Steemit Jen! Lahi ra jud basta bisaya! Steem on!

Thank you @ellamielle ! :) haha ana lang jud. Hope to see you in my next posts.

Thank you. Hope I’ll see you in my subsequent writings.

Thank you @andi87. Hope you will follow my upcoming posts. See ya

Welcome to Steemit! Have a great time.

Thank you for the warm welcome @abchro! Hope I will see you in my next posts.

Kakainggit ❤️❤️❤️
Welcome po! 😊

Thank you po sa pag welcome @pinay. I will be sharing very soon some basic firedancing routine. Hope I will see you in my upcoming posts.

Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

With very much thanks!

I am glad we have the same interest in nature and photography. Hope to see you in my next posts.

Thank you for your warm welcome.

YEEEES! Another tree hugger! A true blue(green) environmentalist. So excited to read your experiences especially your underwater adventures.

I always wanted to be a marine biologist before I fell into the trap of my profession. Thinking I'd find my true love here
😂 😂 😂

Anyways, welcome to steemit! Hope we could meet and start a community here for nature lovers. (And I'm also hoping that you could teach me diving ehem for ehem free)
😁 😁 😁

Hello @jcvertucio thank you for welcoming me here in Steemit. :) Woah, so glad that we have the same interest and advocacy in nature.

My dream was to become a marine biologist, and fortunately ended up as a biologist, which can do both terrestrial and underwater :)

I hope we can find other nature lovers here! For diving, why not? I learned diving for free too. I am excited to share basic diving skills. Looking forward to see you in my upcoming adventure stories.

Wow, thank you @adeline. Not to mention, I go crazy with make up stuffs too. Happy to know you. :)

Lovely to see another scuba and adventure junkie here on steemit! Following you because I have the strong feeling we have loads of common interests. Sea you around! 😊

Happy bubbles,

Hi @xaydtrips! Nice to know we have so much in parallel. I also do mountain trekking in my fieldworks. See you! 😊

Wooooow amazing! how did you do all of those? Your profession really sounds interesting! Grabeee I could not wait for moooore of your travel experiences :D

Welcome here on Steemit :D Just engage and enjoy, I know you'll love it here :D

Hi @smaeunabs ! Gladly appreciated, well those all are my passions, and I am eager to learn unique adventures i.e. fire (dance) and water (scuba) and trust myself that I can do those.

Yes, I do. especially sharing environmental awareness. Hope to see you again in my next sharings.

Hey and welcome here, fellow researcher!

If you want to write about scientific stuff, you should check out our STEM community @steemstem, include our tag #steemstem into your posts to receive upvotes and also join our discord chat some time!

Also, there is this great guide that I usually recommend to new steemians, that really covers a lot of the usual questions around our platform.

Cya around!

Hi there @sco thank you for your warm welcome, fellow researcher!

welcome to steemit @shinthesage...followed you.

Thanks for following! :) I hope to see you again in my next nature adventure posts.

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you manage to bring something unique and awesome to the platform. I have no doubt you will with your varried interests!

Thank you @geekpowered! Hope to see you in my future stories.

Yey! It is so nice to welcome another biologist in steemit! Are you a marinebiologist po? Welcome to the community @shinthesage!

Hi thank you po for warm welcome. I am glad we both are the same in field. Im a general biologist, can do both land and water. More scuba diving photos to be uploaded see you around. :)

Yup ill keep posted!

Welcome to Stemit! Sweet into! Fire and Ice! Really jealous you get to spend your profession scuba diving, love to hear more about the research you do. The fire dancing is also sweet. You should post a video of it! Look forward to more, followed!

Thank you @diezeldiddy ! Indeed great. Talent, passion and profession collided in one. Yes, I am excited to share more photos including videos of diving and firedancing. Thanks for following, and hope to see you in my subsequent posts.

Welcome to the platform @shinthesage. Would live to read about your travels soon. And I find your work really amazing. Im an environmentalist myself. I could learn a lot from you. See you around

We are on the same page @josejirafa ! Thank you for your interest about nature. Really amazing adventures at work. Let us continue to promote protection on our environment. Hope to see you in my upcoming posts.

Welcome to steemit. I was a diver until my cheek bone was broken and collapsed the sinus cavity, no more diving for me.

Have fun and stay safe with those extreme activities you love.

Oh sorry to hear that Mr. Andy but it’s nice to see that u r still continuing for the love of fishes and water areas . Thank you and hope i’ll see you in my next posts.

Goodluck and enjoy your journey my friend

Thank you. Hope ull follow my nexts posts.

Wow you are a star. I am so impressed. Have fun here and enjoy a lot.
Can'nt wait to read your write ups. Best wishes. Xx

Thanks a lot @sherylneil! :) Stay posted on my next stories.

Welcome to this young biological researcher to discover these beautiful and picturesque areas

Thank you. Please await for more beautiful adventure pics

Welcome to Steemit! Uy, taga Cebu... I wish I could do scuba diving someday as I like to take photos of the underwater world. Anyway, enjoy Steemit!

Thank you for your warm welcome and your interest in scuba. :) Hope you will see my next underwater posts.

Welcome to steemit world @shinthesage! Happy steeming and learning!

Welcome to Steemit! You will have to get down to Queensland, Australia and dive the Great Barrier Reef some time soon. I'm sure you'll love it here.

Thank you so much! Yes, I saw photos and vids in Great Barrier AUS, really love to dive there, soon.

Hello @shinthesage! I am a fisheries technologist and an advocate of environment and resource conservation, as well. It feels nice to find blogs who share the same cause with me in this platform. It makes me think there is still so much hope for humanity in this world. Hope you thrive well here. 🐟

Welcome to steemit! 🐳

~ @saiyanide

Thank you, and let’s help our world healthy in nature. Very nice to know people who are advocates of conservation and protection for environment. Hope I’ll see you in my next posts. :)

Oh wow! You have awesome stuff going on :)

Welcome to the platform :)

welcome to steemit, hope we can be friends and can share with each other to be able to produce works that are useful for everyone. Enjoy ... :)

Thank you. Hope you follow on my upcoming posts.

welcome to steemit @shinthesage, I am looking forward for more of your explorations. Seems that I will learn a lot from you. I must say that you have the work that everyone dream of, a passion and hobby that turns into a job. I envy you for that.

Scuba diving is my frustration, as I can't swim, but thanks to life vest that keeps me upfloat when snorkeling. hehe. So I will just wait for more of your pictures under the beautiful ocean to enjoy its view.

Thank you for ur warm welcom and interest @davinsh! :) i will be posting more exciting adventures and scuba. I’m sure you’ll love underwater photos.

Welcome to Steemit @shinthesage :) Enjoy this community and can't wait to read your future posts.

Thank you! Surely will.

its seems that your in an interesting field and your enjoying your life amazing great!

Thank you so much . More interesting stories will come. I hope you follow my next posts

welcome to steemit platform

Thank you! :)

Welcome to this platform Jenina. I'm so excited to look forward to your blog...

Thank you so much . More interesting stories will come. I hope you follow my next posts

Welcome to this wonderful world ... a hug I invite you to visit my blog

Welcome to Steemit! 😊

Thank you! Looking forward to see you in my next adventure stories

We should go diving sometime when Im back in Manila. Maybe even create a SteemPH diving group!

You dive also? Yes, why not for diving group in steemit. Thank you. See you in my next posts.

Your interesting post @shinthesage

Kumusta shinthesage! :) Welcome to steemit! wow. that sure is some exciting stuff that u do. Don't burn urself! :P
Im following u and upvoted now.

Hi dear! You are inspo! Keep inspiring! Followed you

Welcome aboard! Happy to have you here.
Hopefully we can see fire dancing.
That's a cool hobby!

Hi shintesage! Just want to welcome you on your new adventure here at steemit! I'm just a month older and still finding my way but since you're a nature lover/protector as well it will be an honor to follow you. Again, welcome!

Welcome to steemit @shinthesage wow you have talents which i do not have =)

Enjoy steeming, looking forward to your future posts..


Thank you. Hope to see you in my next adventure stories.

oh sure sis, no problem :) i'll support you!

Thank you. Hope to see you in my next posts.

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