Viva video app review

Hi guys,

Today i want to share my feedback about the Vivavideo. Guys, i must admit that it is just amazing. Last week i tried to do something like below. I had captured many photos of my friend and myself when we were going for an outing. I used the Vivavideo app to create a video with these images. You really have so many templates and so many music options that you can choose. I just loved it. It is super easy to use.

Check out my video and give your comments and yes please don't forget to tell me your experience using it.

Hope you guys really enjoyed and would like to create your own cool stuff. Please don't forget to follow me to get some really new things. Till then enjoy Steemit.

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Please do not use the #introduceyourself tag for anything other than your introduction posts. It creates unnecessary clutter on the blockchain and makes genuine introduction posts harder to find.

Very cool


Thanks :-)

Hi there!

Welcome to Steemit! I'm glad to see you getting involved here and joining in. I hope your experience here is pleasant!

Me gusta tu presentacion

I LOVE the vivavideo app! I use it a lot. Your video looks great! welcome

Nice app