Hello Again! My Steemit Re-Introduction

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My marriage ended about two years ago. The divorce came later. In between, my ex-husband and I both moved on to new loves. He is engaged to his partner and has primary custody of our three kids (a mutual decision). She lives with him part-time and part-time with her son. The families are about to merge. This is wonderful for so many reasons, the best of which being that my kids love her and her kid.

As for me, I live in a cute little house on a corner with my partner. Pre-Coronavirus, two of my kiddos came over regularly. The other is a teen and makes his own choices. Now I am quarantined from them because their households touch so many other households. I am immunocompromised. My kids were potentially exposed to the virus. This means my kids are a risk to my health.

My hair is big.

This is just a little about me. A getting to know you post for those of us less acquainted. Back on Steemit, I wrote my story in pieces. Scroll down my feed and you will see me realize I'm gay after nearly two decades with the same male partner, begin dating women, experiencing sexual fulfillment for the first time, losing the support of my family when I came out, living on my own for the first time, figuring out what parenting post-divorce looks like now that I'm not a full-time mother, and so much more.

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I used to CrossFit. It's been a good minute since I did. I'm including this progression because it represents my current goals. The top is after, the bottom before.

Those were hard days, but they were full of excitement about all the new, amazing feelings I experienced. My14 years old calls it my second adolescence. He isn't wrong. As a teen, I was drawn to women but didn't understand what my feelings were. I was taught as a child that arousal is the devil fucking with you, so I associated my interest in women with bad things. When I didn't feel arousal and instead felt friendship, I thought it was arousal. I began to parse the truth at 36.

It's been a rough two years. But it has also been beautiful.

My favorite outfit. I think this pic is 2 years old.

Cut to this week: It took me two days of quarantine to reach back for the community I originally found on Steemit. I went looking for you all over there only to discover empty, echoing halls. A few post reads later, I was set up here on Hive, found my old Discord fam, and am feeling way less isolated. Thank you @powerhousecreatives. I needed that. But also thank you to those of you still on Steemit, because I am writing this for you, too.

My goal for myself is to get back into Fiction. It's where I belong. But you know how swimming after a long time away from water makes you sore? That's what I'm experiencing right now. I feel rusty. I need to stretch. So that's what I'll be doing for the next little while on Hive as we get to know each other (again).

Please take a moment and point me to your catch-up posts or comment on what I've missed in your life. I'm happy to be reunited with this diverse group of creators.


I teach blogging, expressive writing for traumatic release and recovery and host generative writing sessions at the Center for Creative Writing. Write with me!

or visit me at my home site



I see you.
I am amazed by your unfurling. It took so much guts and strength to shake up and compost what didn't work.

If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you so much!

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