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GOOD MORNIGN STEEMIANS; today i introduce u to; The world's longest hanging pedestrator bridge has opened approximately 500 meters (1,4040ft) bridge near the Swiss city Zermatt for bill-liders.
Europarko (European bridge) name 494 meters bridge, hangs up to 85 meters above the gugabfer raven.
The Zermatt Tourist Board says it is the world's longestest, but in the retot in Austin 405 meters above the ground ground elevates 110 meters.
It changes a previous bridge which was damaged by rock floral.
Zurmat Tour Board said the new bridge, which weighs about eight tonnes of cables, is equipped with a system to prevent it.
After the varel video attack the Swiss village
Opens a magnificent glass bridge in China
It is part of the two-day hiking path between Zurmut and Green in South Switzerland, with which views of the mountainous hill are.







Welcome to steemit

Welcome to steem

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Its really nice photo @shahzaib^^ .and nice meet u.

yes @jiny its a beautifull view..and i also many happy to meet u like a good friend @jinny...i always connect with u everyday....have a good night

Soon to visit ~ Hopefully hah

Sorry, I can not speak english Brother / Sister.
Welcome And Happy Starting Your Job @shahzaib
Let us together Achieve that success.
I am very happy when many #steemit lovers - #eSteem welcome me warmly here.
I'm new and still need to learn a lot from seniors like you.
Once again I thank you.
Choose your Witness Like @good-karma.
Follow Me @jordanjor, thank you

WOW that is beautiful yet very scary! I am so afraid of heights but it's so cool! Thanks for sharing this!🌻

Welcome to the Steemfamily !!! Followed. Follow me back 😘

ok @kassie i followed u and i upvote u and i will upvote u always for more connect with u thanx alot

Hi, Welcome to steemit. The biggest platform with the great people inside.
I'm @pertiqoues, and I from #aceh , Sumatra Island.
I hope we can shared about our daily, nature, and country from where we are.
Of course you can sharing what you like and what you love.
Glad to see you on steemit.
I hope you enjoy your time here.
Thank you very much.

This looks so cool! :)

yes its look so beautifull views from on it @nikolina...and also thanx for appriciate me now i follow u and i always connect with u like good friends...nice to meet u @nikolina

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