World's first Virtual Reality Athlete introduction

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Greetings Steemians, I decided to share a part of my story with you today.

Let's get started!

My name is Ville "ScieVR" Piispanen, I'm a Virtual Reality entrepreneur from Finland. I spearhead VR towards certain direction that doesn't really even exist yet.

Me and my project, Evacrity VR, are all about physical fitness, exercise and realism, in Virtual Reality. Because of my approach I have been dubbed the "VR Athlete" and I guess that pretty much sums up the bulk of what I do.
I'm always after a workout when gaming and I want to showcase the possibilities VR brings for exercising and weight loss, just to name a few fields. VR is very, very underutilized at this stage.
I want to see a different kind of competitive gaming scene in the future and hopefully military and security training will also see wider adoption of VR and soon.

Stills of me speaking in ArtTech Seminars 2017 in Helsinki, Finland

I have been dreaming about super realistic gaming since I was 7. I'm following my dream paving the way for physical and realistic VR and I won't let anything stand in my way.


Work history

Most of my adult life I have been a professional soldier. I followed my calling at the time and I served 5 years in the Finnish army as a regular in combat infantry units reaching the rank of lieutenant. Army career gave me a good amount of possibilities to travel, meet wise people and learn about the World and culture. Currently I am in reserve/inactive duty and I do occasional gigs for the armed forces.

In between army jobs and after active service I have also seen my share of private security field in several different roles, including bodyguarding, working as a use of force instructor and security entrepreneur.

On the side I have studied industrial management, psychology and nutrition&dietetics at university level.


Combat sports, physical fitness and healthy lifestyle have always been important things for me. I have been involved with combat sports for 23 years and I actively competed for 11 years mostly in freestyle wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. To support fighting I have tried just about every possible training method for strength&conditioning and I like to do yoga when I have time. Also, I'm a Tinder black belt.

I'm a firearms enthusiast, occasional competitive shooter and avid hunter. I have had interest towards the art of shooting since forever. Guns don't kill people.

I'm in love with cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and the change they will inevitably bring now that the wheels are in motion. I actively invest in, trade, mine, study and educate people about cryptocurrencies.

And surprise - I've pretty much loved computer gaming my entire life. I was very inactive for about 7 years, but I missed gaming a lot during that time.

Okay so - what is the VR Athlete thing all about?

Mixed Reality boxing, full video at the end of this post.

I am the first, the vanguard. Probably because I'm the only one crazy enough to dedicate my time and effort into this. I have found what I was born to do, this is what my life has prepared me for and the time is now.

Personal goals as VR Athlete:

1. Create new and improve existing physical training methods for VR
2. Be an example by pushing the physical limits of my own body
3. Teach others what I've learned

It must be a pretty big surprise that my primary focus will be First Person Shooters and fighting games :>

Virtual Reality arcade centers are popping up all over the World much like tennis fields once. VR gaming needs a professional who invents the newest tricks and training methods, one who shapes the field with his own example.

I could just lecture and talk about the possibilities, probably develop VR software or hardware like many good minds currently do. I choose to take part in the VR revolution my own way, I prefer action over mere words. VR training/fitness have only taken the first steps and I believe the knowledge and experience I'm gathering right now will be valuable for the industry in the upcoming years.

When realistic competitive VR gaming scene raises its head, I aim to dominate it. My background gives me an edge that will carry me to victory. When I'm done competing or too old, coaching options will be there.

VR & physical exercise

Playing a Virtual Reality game might make you break sweat and get some exercise without any additions. I prefer to make every gaming session a bit more challenging and more rewarding. To follow my personal progress, performance and recovery, my heart rate is monitored and shown to viewers. From April to mid-September I have burned over 50 000 kcal with Virtual Reality gaming and exercises. That's about 175 slices of pizza.

If we're talking about a ** war game, I use infantry combat gear and uniform for immersion**. If it's a combat sports game, I'll go for athletic apparel and wrestling shoes . If I want more challenge, I use weighted clothing, resistance suit or add separate exercises into the gaming session. Behind the scenes my home studio also works as my private gym and yoga space, although I prefer public gyms.


VR has outright monumental potential for physical exercising and profession-specific training. Wake up World!

And yes, I have a 1:1 HTC Vive VR controller platform (gunstock) modeled after an AR-15 rifle. 3D printed Warsports Industries LVOA-C replica to be exact.



What? - Fighter/soldier/athlete testing&shaping training methods for Virtual Reality use by challenging his own body and publishing content of the process.

Why? - To find new, easy and safe means for weight loss, physical and profession-specific training and improving health.

How? - By combining Virtual Reality with any gadgets, equipment, techniques, limits, items, software or other means in order to push the current boundaries.

Goal? - To unlock, showcase and drive the potential of Virtual Reality training and gaming forward and to earn a living doing so. To be the #1 gamer or coach in the realistic, immersive competitive VR gaming scene in the future.

Example videos where you can see me in action!

Full ArtTech seminars 2017 showcase from August 2018

Original VR Athlete article published by VR Fitness Insider:

Special thanks:
miniFactory Oy Ltd.
Wizdish Ltd.
Juke Performance Inc.
Finnish VR Association - FIVR
In turbulent times I remember your support and I jump back into the fray.

This introduction is just the start, there's a lot more to come. I have been looking for a suitable blogging platform and now I have finally found it.

Questions? Comments? Am I crazy? Which subject would you like me to cover next? Fire Away!


Evacrity Dtube channel:!/c/evacrity


That idea is awesome. It's great to have you on Steemit and we'll look forward to hearing more about your projects.

Dude, so far I have seen a really awesome post, guys like you should really be appreciate here on Steemit, coz you deserve this, and also Steemit is the place to give you that appreciation. I am also a gamer, but you have your own studio that tells how much craze you have for gaming, am just moved with your gaming fun, loved it dude :)

Thank you for the feedback :) I'll do my best to publish interesting content

Hello, Great, it is a nice post!



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The high tech technology and the state of the art was Great

Ville "ScieVR" Piispanen,- your the best of the best

bro im following you now..i love your work bro,keep it up..

hoping you follow me back as will..^_^

we both love guns...^_^

thank you :) Followed back!

Wooooowwwwwww.... Your evacrity VR is great, Thank you for sharing your project.. we are looking to hearing more about your VR Project..

There is a lot more to come, thank you for the feedback :)

wow beautiful i appreciate your hard work my respect for you @scievr upvoted <3

Thank you very much :)

You look very cool! I wish you success on this platform and will follow your updates!

Thank you very much, I followed you :)

As a fellow fitness enthusiast, someone who is transitioning to digital and a kickboxer for years this is awesome. On the boxing are the opponents move random and different each time? it looked a bit to easy for you, but I would love a go. up-voted and followed

You're absolutely right, it is a tad too easy for me, but adding rounds and cutting rest periods and using the resistance suit to mimic higher gravity can still make it quite challenging all in all. I fought 25 fights live in Assembly Summer almost non-stop, burning 9300kcalories and my heart rate hit 190 7 times in total, the video was compilation of some of the best moments :) There are numerous fighting games coming out in near future, so there's plenty of options. I only use commercially available games at this stage. Followed

I have to try out one of these games, to much fun

Great introduction. Plenty of content and nice work @scievr Welcome to Steemit 😉 can't wait to see more ✨ @legominifigures

Thank you very much. I will be pushing out ne content on weekly basis

Welcome to Steemet
follow me @lomidze

Thank you :)

Hello and welcome to Steemit @scievr ! Although we may disagree on whether guns kill people your VR fitness sounds fascinating! Looking forward to reading more, happy Steeming ✨

Thank you :) Yes, super bad timing mentioning that certain phrase in the post. Horrible stuff in Vegas, I had no bad intentions in any way, shape or form. VR can be utilized in numerous ways in firearms training, hopefully that will decrease the number of guns in the wrong hands in times to come, because less iron is needed.

I didn't think you'd said it with that in mind :) Personally, I just think it should be a hell of a lot harder to get your hands on a gun than it is currently. Hopefully technology like yours can ensure only those who are able to safely and responsibly operate such a lethal weapon are able to buy them

VR holds certain amount of promise, but we are yet to see how much of its potential will be utilized in the years to come.
I don't think there's a simple solution for crimes involving firearms. A larger scale, multidimensional and preventive approach is probably the only effective long-term choice. Psychological problems, illegal firearms and suicides are certain factors that show up often in gun related deaths and they are factors that can't be ignored.
Switzerland for example has one of the highest gun counts per capita. You can bring your rifle into a cafe there without anyone minding and still it's 1 in 200000 chance that you will be a victim of gun violence according to up do date statistics.

Inovation | Interesting | incredible..
Nice to go through post..!!

Nobody else seems to be crazy the same way as me so I got the be the first one :D

Welcome to SteemIt, @scievr I hope you like SteemIt as much as I do.
I'll follow you, maybe you'll like my blog too.

Thank you :) Followed

Solid article. I witnessed his greatness live! When's the next stream Scie? :'D

Thank you buddy, Half-Life is out for VR so I think my next Twitch stream is just around the corner :)

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Welcome Ville, we are happy to have you here on steemit :D
If you need any help or anything don't hesitate to ask!

Please check my Introduction post as well :)


Thank you :) Followed

Hi very interesting concept congrats!

Thank you :) Took me 3 years of planning to create it

You are one of those who brings the future much closer for the rest of us.
I salute you.

I will definitely do my best with the toolkit I have :) Thank you for the feedback, followed

this is a great motivation for gamers that hate the idea of working out haha

I'd be delighted to have that kind of impact on the gamer scene :D

So we have found a Steemit superstar here. :D

BTW, a month or so ago, I read a joke on Reddit that says, Finland doesn't exist for real, the country is merely printed on the map by some pranksters. lol! It's so wonderful to see people from different places here. Followed & upvoted.

we'll see about that :D I'll try and remain active, but there's a lot of work ahead regarding the project as a whole. We do exist, no lie:)

good luck @sciver

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Thank you for advice @rinaalone :)

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Wow. That's an impressive introduction! I am a gamer myself. So is my husband. I was so glad when he traded COD for WoW. I'd rather hear the WoW commentary, than hearing gun shots all night. I am writing a blog for the Sims game. I hope you have fun here on Steemit, Welcome!

Much appreciated, thank you :) WoW can be quite poisonous for relationships, hopefully that won't be the case for you :) Followed

Hello @scievr the truth is that your post was very well worked, congratulations and welcome.

Much appreciated :) I did my best to open my vision as well as I could :)

@scievr this idea is just amazing! combining something that normally makes us a bit sedentary (gaming), with actual exercise and body build is just the perfect combo! i will be ready for it anytime! best of luck for this project!

Thank you very much for the feedback :) Yes, the combination is quite something and I'm looking to add new elements all the time to make gaming sessions more challenging :>

Hello, Great, it is a nice post!



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Welcome to Steemit and great intro post! One of the best I have seen so far! Followed, upvoted, and resteemed! Great addition to Steemit right here!!!!

Thank you :) I tried to make the introduction clear and broad, seems like I succeeded :> Followed back

Very interesting idea. I just started yesterday. Welcome to Steemit

Thank you for the feedback :) Welcome to Steemit as well :)

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Definitely worth watching! Can't wait to see more!

There's a lot more to come, I'm just getting started :)

Impressive! Welcome to steemit @evacrity!

Thank you :)

Tervetuloa! Seuraan :)

Kiitos :) Seurasin takaisin

Welcome to steemit
Great post, wow i would love to play in VR too.

Much appreciated, thank you for the feedback :) If you happen to end up in Finland, you're welcome to have a go:)

Welcome to steemit @scievr. Amazing post.
Can we be a follower friends? I upvoted and followed you.
I collect friends so you also follow me and you will get a

valuable contents from me.

Thank you very much. Sure we can, I followed back :)

you have the nice article i ever read this day..congratulation @scievr

Thank you very much for the feedback :)

Welcome to steemit @scievr. You will do great here

Thank you, I will definitely do my best to publish interesting stuff :)

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Welcome to Steemit! This was a really nice post. Nicely done.Thanks for sharing :) Keep on Steeming.

Thank you, I most definitely will :)

i like your steemit logo. very nice

thank you :)

This is a great work, keep it up! I have followed you and would want to be kept updated on how you evolve. I love your work!

Thank you very much petercletus, I followed back

Interesting, to be honest I'll choose VR over reality every time. I'm following you for your future updates.

Followed back. In certain matters I still prefer reality and hard :)

Even after we have 240 fps VR that looks and feels better than "reality"? When I said:

I'll choose VR over reality every time

I didn't mean the VR we have now, I meant the VR we are all working towards.

Welcome to Steemit

Thank you :)

What about Your viosion of future development? Is it for personal use or for teams?

Very hard to tell at this point, but hopefully both. Competitive 5vs5 in VR would be awesome from coaching point of view :)

Hey, great undertaking! Currently, I feel like simple motion gaming (Just Dance and Arms on Nintendo Switch, for instance) offers a better opportunity to work out than VR, but I certainly hope that more challenging VR experiences get released soon. Also hope for a lighter and cheaper headset so I can finally take the plunge :)

VR Games are lagging a bit at this stage and it needs some tinkering and tampering to get a good workout, but I'm here to show the way :)

Hello and welcome to Steemit! This is a great expanding community very glad you decided to join, best of luck!! Fallow my channel if you wish @darius1993

Thank you @darius1993, followed back

awesome post! Great to meet you and learn about your background. Look forward to being part of the Steemit communit with you!

Thank you for the feedback @shug !

Fascinating! I don't know much about Virtual Reality gaming and exercises. However, I recently started kickboxing and love it. Exciting to think about what possibilites VR holds. Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you very much @denisechips ! Combat sports are art in their own right. I still prefer a sparring session in real reality over VR :)

Really like it,

Hope to see more content, maybe even without violence or guns ^^ what about a classic fitness competition?

thank you :) May I ask what do you mean by classic fitness competition? I didn't fully catch your drift :)

very nice introduction

Thank you very much @ajermoun

good post - which are the VR head set devices that you are using ? say for example when you also need to triangulate the position accurately ?

Thank you, I use HTC Vive because it suits my use far better than any product that's out there right now. I don't follow you regarding the position triangulation, what do you mean? :)

< I don't follow you regarding the position triangulation, what do you mean? :) >

Triangulation is the process of identifying our exact location and the devices may need multiple external sensors / beacons to do that.

Hello, Great, it is a nice post!



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