Hello Steemians! #introduceyourself

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Hello Steemians!

My name is Dominik, I live in Poland, I am 17 years old.

I have joined Steemit in March, Since that time I have very enjoy from this platform, this place have amazing community and finally I feel freedom of speech in web. I want to start recording on DTube but first I need to buy better microphone and some other craps to start. I want to get off to USA after I finishing school and take up residence there.

I am fond of music, playing the guitar, video games, creating videos and writing, I run and work out too. I am very involved and accurated in it what i do, so I only need some money to start.

I think that's all, if you want to know anything just ask me in the comment section.

I expect for your support.

Thank you :)

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Welcome to Steemit platform, from all of us in promo-nigeria. Steemit is a beautiful place to be and we are sure you will be happy here. Get to know more by blogging consistently. Never be discouraged, seek for assistant when necessary. Cheers!

Welcome to the sreemit family brother.

Hey there and welcome to Steemit.

This platform rocks and you can totally make a success out of it by following a few simple steps.

Remember to post content that's not only relevant but useful as well.

Steemians love useful content and it is a sure way of improving your reputation and standing in the community.

An additional pointer which is really great, is that you should always comment constructively with useful feedback - which is what commenting was designed for.

The more you comment, and the more useful articles you post, the more up-votes (which cost you nothing) you'll receive and of course, followers.

In turn, this further improves your starting ranking of 25. Another point I'd love to make is that articles should be attractive and neatly spaced out.

Enjoy Steemit and be sure to check out my blog at @imagendevoz


Its good and warm welcome :)

Hello Dominik, I guarantee you will have fun and enjoy on Steemit! :)

Bienvenido, te aseguro que te enamoraras de esta plataforma. Saludos desde Venezuela.

welcome to the steemers family

Welcome to Steemit, it's a great platform and you will make plenty of new friends.

Conhecendo a plataforma também, espero que tenha otimo conteudo.

Welcome to the family sir!

welcome to the steemit family, Dominik. greetings from Venezuela!

cześć Dominik

Welcome @scieglin to steemit world! have fun and enjoy!

hi scieglin, it’s nice to see new face on steemit, hope you will spread positive vibes in steemit.and keep up the good work on steemit...;-) and be regular on steemit it will make grow you faster... ;-)

Welcome to steemit , upvoted you will regularly do on your good work , for newbie tips and basic information you can check my blog at @adityajainxds

some of the important website you need to now.

https://steemd.com/@ (username)
https://steemnow.com/@ (username)

This one you need a must to sign up beause you will get more followers and more upvote by everyupvote and lastly the more points the more SBD. Try it and grow yourself


You Have My Back.....
Thanks @adityajainxds

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Hello dominik! i recently joined here and i'm hoping to see what you have to show us.

Welcome to the steemit community! I hope you enjoy it :)

welcome dear! happy steeming!

Welcome to the steemit !!

Welcome to Steemit! Looking forward to see witness your adventure and content here. Good luck!

Welcome to Steemit. I myself is a newbie here too! Enjoy!