Savannah Van Introduction

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Hey friends! I wanted to make my introduction video and tell you a little bit about myself and my music background! If you want to get to know me better, maybe I will make another video like this in the future and go more in depth about my life :)
I will be doing a livestream tonight on Dlive where I'll be trying some asian candy, and eating weird foods! We can sing and answer questions there as well! See you tonight!


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thank you :))))

Glad to have you onboard, Savannah. I've heard a few of your covers already and they are awesome.


thank you so much :))

Musicians and singers are always welcome here, i think you will like this community, it's a place where you can expand your art!


yay! thanks :)))

Welcome to Steemit, Savannah Van.. I hope you enjoy it.


thank you!!

Hello @savannahvan, welcome to steemit world, I hope you enjoy it.


thank you :)

Nice way to introduce yourself


Thanks I read your profile

Hi @savannahvan! Welcome to Steemit! I'm sending you good energy and positive vibes as you work on your solo projects. I hope that Ronny, your bands drummer, recovers and gets back to 100% soon.

By the way... Those cats of yours are crazy! You seriously got to let them out on the town more often or something! lol! :D

Upvoted & Followed. Looking forward to more of your content! :)


thank you so much for the support!!! :) you are awesome <3

Welcome and good luck I will follow :)
love greetings blondi1901 :)


thank you :)))

Welcome to Steem Savannah.
We have a very active music community here so you will fit right in..
I would suggest checking out the #openmic competition, which is the biggest music competition on Steem. It has over 300 Entries every week and a lot of interactions happen there every week, friends made, collabs created, etc... (and the prizes are cool too)
Good luck and see you around.


awesome!! thank you :)))

Yes you should make a video savannah👌

I love your video and your vibrant cat, welcome to steemit! I’m @ichie1 and I’ll love to see your progress and success here.

Each day holds a surprise. But only if we expect it can we see, hear, or feel it when it comes to us. Let's not be afraid to receive each day's surprise, whether it comes to us as sorrow or as joy It will open a new place in our hearts, a place where we can welcome new friends and celebrate more fully our shared humanity.

Henri Nouwen

Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold.

Joseph Parry

This page may help answer some of your questions as young member to steemit;

You should checkout the #openmic contest.
See you there

Welcome to steemit family. Wishing you a enjoyable journey.

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You are welcome to steem community..

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I am following you...

how to improve profile ? Please reply I am waiting

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Welcome to Steem @savannahvan.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!


wellcome to steemit i wish loot of your success.......

hello @savannahvan, welcome to this wonderful ned, nice to meet you, greetings from venezuela. very success


thanks babe!!! :)

Welcome to SteemIt @savannahvan if you need any questions answered def. let me know!

Super video

@savannahvan Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Keep it up.

Welcome to steem community Bro


thanks duuude :)

Welcome beautiful


thanks love :)))

Welcome to steem community..

Welcome and congratulations! you are so gorgeous and lovely <3


Takes one to know one.


Felicitaciones y Bienvenida

You will be a new idol in Steemit @savannahvan... Welcome!


awh thanks :)))

Welcome @savannahvan to our family , I am also new to this family ,think i can grab some tips from you .All the best...

Great picture tou know how to really play the camera you kick ass

@savannahvan .hey it's cool to here about are good and interesting

nice preety girl

Welcome to Steem, @savannahvan!

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wellcome BABY,i heard your full story and know about U & your famlly..You have done a great struggle in life to become a singer & reach at this stage.I think u will be the RISING STAR at DLives in the coming future.God may give u success here


thank you so much!!! :)

Welcome to Steemit, would like to see the vid when its made.

welcome to steemit ,I wait for your videos but how to watch your videos please advise to me.

Hallo savannahvan.. Welcome to our community.. Let's be friend :)

welcome @savannahvan to steemit comunitty, a lot of success

Very usefull intro, happy to meet you. And waiting for your next videos url.

Welcome to Steemit! I always love when a new musician come here to show they art! I hope we can share some music someday!

you're really beautiful . I'll wait music product from you


thank you darling!! :)

greetings, savanna

Be very welcome to steemit social network. I've been here since February of this year and I'm really enjoying. I participate here actively every day. Here, we can learn a lot by reading other people's posts about content that interest us and we can post our own content, helping people within our areas of expertise, training our writing, making a kind of "therapy" because, writing helps us to reflect on our knowledge and we will be slightly paid for it. I hope you enjoy.

My main tip is: before you begin to post your content, read the posts by teaching staff how to use this network, about how to write good text, how are the coins sbd, steem and steem power, how to advertise your text using the discord by example, votes issues and other things.

Other than that, we are always available. If you have any questions, go ahead.

Good afternoon!!!! Welcome!!

@savannahvan Welcome to Steemit, Savannah!! I hope you enjoy it.

chào mừng bạn, nếu đã tới châu Á thì hãy ghé qua Việt Nam một lần nhé, cảnh vật nơi đây rất đẹp con người nữa rất hiếu khách. Hãy tới Việt Nam nếu qua Châu Á nhé !!!

Love your name. Awesome people have your name. I love to sing too. I'm Oatmeal Joey.


thanks Joey:))

Welcome to steemit


Welcome in the steem family from my heart


thank you love :)

Hi @savannahvan, very interesting lifestyle and hobbies keep it up and grow more.

Welcome to Steemit family ..

welcome to the wonderful world of steemit
a place to learn, place to grow

you are so pretty, good luck and welcome.

You are welcome to steem community..

welcome :D i am new too lol

CONGRATULATIONS Savannah Van in coming Steemit family .Steemit i community will always promotes and support your talent.


thank you so much! <333


thank you so much doll!!!

Welcome to steemit ❤️

Spectacular First Post!

Hello, Savannah welcome to steemit. Like you I also like singing, I hope to learn a lot from you


AMAZING! thanks babe :)

Welcome to Steemit, I hope you like it here very much, I followed you, I hope this is mutual ;) A lot of interesting things ahead, good luck!


yes! thank you :)))

Since you've been all around acquainted with Savannah, i should return to how she got her name. The story behind how Savannah got her name, starts the day I searched out to make Savannah separated of my developing family in none other than… .sit tight for it ;)… .Savannah, GA. It doesn't end there however! Halfway home in the wake of acquiring her in Savannah, GA and as Teagan drove afterward, Teagan writings me suddenly and says, "we should name her SaVANnah!" Now we're the two ones for plays on words and clever employments of words so obviously, from that minute forward, I knew she was intended to be a Savannah!


hahaha what!!!!


There are many novel written in Savannah

It's from that!

hey welcome to steemit :D

I like you singing.


thanks :)))

WELOCOME I am too new here...

You have an amazing presence.

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You're very welcome.

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