Hi, Steemit <(^_-)>

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About me

Hi! My name is Arseny, and this is my first post on Steem:)

I'm student from Siberia. I am 24 years old. I am study history and world art. Now there was also the motivation for learning English! Thank you, Steemit!

My preferences/hobby

Fencing. Historical fencing, duel fencing, Iaido. In october 2010 I'm started train. I saved video from my first sparring. These is real funny))

It was difficult... At the beginning is always difficult. But I trained, long time.

Later, I'm signed up to Iaido.

Im studied stile of Sei Tei.

As a result.

Japan sword vs. European rapier. Difficult. More difficult! Katana is heavy and slow, but rapier very fast.


I developed technique versus european sword. In the next post I will talk about how to use the katana win the enemy, armed with a rapier. To be continued ^_-

P.S. Like 10 posts to those who write the name of the first Roman emperor, near the sculpture that I'm on the first photo.

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ok, lets try to answer here too: is it imperator Karakalla?


That's right!)

The first Roman emperior was Augustus.


I'm talking about the emperor, a sculpture of which the first photo

Welcome and nice first attempt.
Lage Raho (Keep It Up).
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Namaste from India

Здравствуй, Арсений! Я тоже из Сибири. Ты из какого города?
Кстати, отличный пост и отличные фото)


Привет, спасибо) Я в Новосибе учусь) Буду сегодня на русском похожий материал заливать;)


My name is Dave, I am also new to steemit, I am a third Dan iaido instructor, muso shinden ryu iaido, I hope my introduction is as good as yours, also I hope to provide any answer to questions you might have

Welcome @sandziro:-) Why now?


Thank) I will write about fensing. I increased my fighting skills)