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Hi everyone.. im newly join steemit and would like to introduce myself. My name is Sahira Nadiah. Im from Labuan. But staying in Sabah for almost 11years as im working in Sabah soon after finish my study. 20171221_103904.jpg

My family are staying in Labuan. I have 3 siblings.. me, my sister and my very lovely brother. I love my family so much.. family means we share the love , share the joy, share everything without scared and enjoy every single day with happiness. IMG-20180119-WA0034.jpg that is my sister just giving birth to baby mom 1st so blessed. Happy..IMG_20180103_071855_787.jpgmy little brother grown up him too so much..

My mom and my dad.. is the most im cherished. They work so hard for us. To get us to be able to school without worrying about school fees.. to feed us with food so that we do not get hungry.. although we are not rich..but i am really happy with my parents...proud of them..DSC00623.JPG

And now.. im already big a my own salary..thanks to them for the hardship during my study. It's time to take care of my family.. and i want to let everyone know that i love my family so much. 02122007.jpg

Thank you..



Welcome Sahira.

Tq.. still new and learning 😅

Welcome to steemit @sahiranadiah.

Hi @arwine..tq🤗🤗

Welcome to Steemit! I would love to learn more about your country and I must sadly admit I'm ignorant. I hope you enjoy your time here and be sure to check out DTube as well. It's the video platform based on the Steem Blockchain. Kind regards.

Nice to meet you sahira ..Welcome to steemit.

Welcome here! Hope you enjoy being on steemit! If you are looking for some TV/Movie/Cryptocurrency news, would be nice to follow me!

Congratulations @sahiranadiah, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

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Hi, welcome to steemit. Happy blogging yeah.

Hi @ivora..tq 🤗🤗

Hello there @sahiranadiah, its nice to see another Steemians from Sabah. You will not regret joining Steemit cause you will enjoy it. You will learn lots of things about blogging and some insightful stories from fellow Steemians. I noticed your TAG for "teammalaysia" is incorrect, don't worry, you can still edit it. Keep it up.

Thank you.. will learn more about steemit..😃😉

Welcome steemit. Hope you will enjoy the community. As fellow @teammalaysia lets hrow together.

Yeah..let steemit..🤗🤗😀

Welcome to steemit @sahiranadiah .. great to have you onboard teammalaysia 😁

Hi..still new to it..but will learn and enjoy..tq🤗🤗😀

Welcome Sahira, nice to meet you here. Keep posting rajin-rajin ya.

Hi..🤗🤗 tq..will rajin2..🤣

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