Crypto Club

We are a factory team that is fairly new to the concept of crypto-currency.

We are based in a small country town in South East Queensland, Australia.

Firstly, we give thanks to @rosemary-k for allowing us to use her account, and to @prime-cleric for doing the initial purchase for us.

We have banded together to invest a small sum into Steemit as a trial for 1 year as a start.

What we have seen so far looks very promising and we hope more at our workplace will join us shortly in the New Year to increase the investment.

We will post regular updates of how well our account on Steemit is going.


Looking forward to a great year on Steemit in 2018, hope to see more of us here shortly.


Exciting news! Welcome and enjoy the community!

Welcome to Steemit! Happy to have you here!

Cool! glad you're all here I'm pretty new here myself. I figured I'd eventually see a group account. I'm curious about what kind of content you intend on sharing?

This is great, welcome! Best wishes for the New Year and great success! Looking forward to seeing how the journey goes for you all.

A greater 2018 on steemit.. Welcome to the steemit family @rosemary-k .. Feel free to follow @kekegist and upvote.. I will do same.. Cheers ☺

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To support our activity, please vote for my master @suggeelson, as a STEEM Witness

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Welcome to Steem @rosemary-k. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)