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Brazil!! Rio De Janeiro!!!

My name is Roberta, I'm from Brazil!! But I live in Ohio! I have lived in Idaho and Louisiana! I love Louisiana food and weather it is very similar to Brazil!
My family still live in Brazil , Rio De Janeiro, I'm trying to save money to visit them. I have not seen my family for over 9 years, it is so expensive. This year it is my goal to go and visit them and take my kids to meet their grandma. I have been trading cryptocurrency and writing blogs here to raise money to go visit my family. Please help by commenting, voting and sharing my posts!!! obrigada!

My favorite food rice, beans (feijoada), and meat.

my favorite fruit is

Yes I have been to carnival!!!lol

it is not me!lol


If you have any questions about Brazil leave a comment below!!

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hello Roberta
welcome to steemit family.
keep sharing your story with us 🙂


thank you! I'm so excited to be here and Be sharing hobbies, life and finances with everyone!!!

Welcome Roberta


Thank you!!!!

Welcome to Steemit Roberta ;)

I see that your blog promises to be great

I followed you because I know the start is always the hardest!
On my blog I'm posting about my job life and about my passion for travelling in my next posts :D

Maybe we can help each other to grow? :)


Thank you!!

Welcome, best of luck here, I am happy to help in any way I can, feel to ask questions or comment I am always happy to answer them!


Great ! thank you