The key to success in steem, and to start making reeling in some big time steem power is building your followers. I am fairly new to steem but can attest to this due to the research I have done. Those with over 1,000 followers are the most successful.

Obviously make sure to always try to keep your post high quality and be courteous, the steem community is actually very very nice and helpful from what I have seen so far.d89cb8b1f42cec691815064249e34491.jpg

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Welcome to Steemit @rightinthefeels - it's definitely a nice and friendly platform and community.
Here's to wishing you best of luck in getting 1000 followers ☺️

Welcome @rightinthefeels
Activity is the key here on steemit ★


I agree 100%

Welcome to steemit
I'm going on two weeks here and I love it

Welcome to the community @rightinthefeels :)
I'm new too and I'd love to grow on steemit alongside you buddy!

Welcome. I am new too. Been here almost a week.

Welcome to steemit, friend. Have a great time and awesome rewards! :)

True. Like your post. Followed you. Hope you follow me too

Welcome aboard! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek

great advice!

Welcome to the family. Now get busy and steemit to the moon!!!!