To all new steemians: tell us how you heard about Steem and why you decided to join!

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The number of people joining Steemit and introducing themselves over the last week or so has been growing at an accelerating pace and is not far of becoming parabolic. Apparently, things are starting to get viral in some locations like for instance Indonesia. Soon it will be impossible to understand what's happening. But before we reach that stage, it would be interesting to hear from early days steemians (yes, you!) what brought them here.

So tell us everything! What brought you here? Did you hear about Steem from a friend? Read an article somewhere? Found it serendipitously? What did you expect you would find? How did you feel when you first started using the platform and how do you feel about it now? Any comments or feedback on things that you like or dislike or wish to see added?

For shorter answers, please comment in the thread. For longer and more personal answers, please make a separate post and add the link in comment.

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It's been rising quickly on the coinmarketcap list and I decided to check it out and see what the heck it is. I like the idea of distributing earnings to the users who create content but I'm having a real hard time believing the dollar figures next to a lot of these posts and something smells really fishy. I think at best this is a complex multi-level marketing scheme and at worst a pyramid scam. I'll need to dig into it a bit more but the white paper is quite complex.

I found Steemit through seeing people posting and talking about it in the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club on Facebook, I've been participating for less than a week so far but am extremely happy. The users are what give sites their value so it's only right that we get something for our participation .


I also saw the introduction to Steemit in the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club.


Right on, one of my favorite fB groups for sure... a good bunch of folks on there

Found steem at while checking stats on bitcoin.
I decided to join because steemit seems to be the next logical step in the evolution of the internet and i wanted to be a part of it.


Same here. Saw Steem coin exploding on

Some random comment on Reddit - I clicked a link - and here I am.

A friend on Youtube ( @craig-grant) was making videos about steem.
Most of my information about, well all, everything I know about steem was because of my friend from youtube

I heard about it from a friend, I already knew had a wealth of timeless content so just put 2-and-2 together and approached CEO Fran Strajnar and asked if I could be their Steemit Community Manager and take their existing content and post it on Steemit on their behalf, the rest is history! (They retain ownership, I use the private posting key)

Ricardo Goncalves
BNC Steemit Community Manager

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upboats for sig. I like the way you roll


Thanks @straw2, seems I started a movement. @cryptoiskey says he is using one because of me also.
@ash did warn that long signatures could derail the reply comments, so I have shortened it like so:


Ricardo Goncalves (BNC Steemit Community Manager)
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I was on coinmarketcap and I saw steem price was pretty high and I was like wtf is this steem shiz so I checked it out and now I'm hooked. FML

Im a firm know-er of treat others the way they treat you! Down me I down you . Love me I love you! This making enemies shit on a platform where everyone should be happy isnt coo man, u have no reason to hate on me nor negative my content period


Don't take up or down votes personally. These don't express judgement on persons but on the quality and/or appropriateness of content. And it is, I think, a fact we can agree on that #introduceyourself, the first channel every new joiner is going to first, isn't the right place to post NSFW content, even if intended as a joke. Frankly I've no hard feelings at all about that, or the fact you decided to retaliate here. That's ok. Let's just try to keep that place welcoming to everyone.

I was recently introduced to Steemit by my fiance. So far its entertaining and I find myself voting on whatever catches my eye; however I must say that I do have trouble with the lack of organization from tags to the odd topics. I have never blogged before but thanks to Steemit, I am inspired to start.


Stay inspired! It is still in beta. I have faith in the dev's they will continue to improve it. In the short time I have been on the site, they have made wonderful upgrades (I am sure they have been up nights working on this). I believe the organization, search capability, and other features will arrive.

My turn to answer my own question!

I was (and still am) a user of Bitshares, the former project of @dan that laid the ground work of what was to become Graphene: the state-of-the-art blockchain technology framework that made Steem possible.

One of the things that always frustrated me with Bitshares was that it was at the same time the best implementation of blockchain technology on the market, the most thought provoking, and unfortunately the most cryptic, confusing. poorly marketed and therefore misunderstood project in the whole space.

Like many other early joiners, I heard first about Steem on Bitshares forum. Initially, it wasn't known that @dan was behind the project as only @ned was doing the PR. Later, @dan stepped up and confirmed his involvement. That's when I understood that @dan had cracked the problem of finding the perfect application where Graphene would be able to demonstrate its power and change the world. That day, I became a steemian, and never looked back.

I have been an avid blogger for a few years. It is a great outlet to provide information, solicit ideas and input. I blog on LinkedIn, my own blog, and several work and industry blog sites. I truly enjoy putting my ideas out there and having an intelligent discussion. I treasure and appreciate when others have an opposing or different perspective. In my industry, we a far from figuring things out. So having smart people discuss, debate, and share ideas is a way of advancing the community.

The biggest problem is a lack of feedback and engagement! So when I heard about Steemit, which rewards users to participate, I thought this was exactly how I can stimulate more discussion. I post, bring colleagues in, they are incentivized to contribute to the material, and together we advance what can be accomplished!

So I am here because I believe this platform, more than any other, will encourage people to post good material and then influence others to engage, and refine ideas to make them even better.