Was just asked to go on international TV again, but...


I was asked to go on international TV to be interviewed re the latest North Korea missile launch. I decided to pass it onto someone with much better knowledge of the subject than me, but good to know I was still considered for the opportunity.

The real question I have right now, why did my post go from $62 to $52 on Steemit?? Any insight? Thanks!


That's really cool man...good for you
As for the post value, it's just the volatility of the market.

thanks man :)

Looks like your getting a following going in the news realm, always awesome to see someone getting a success in their chosen path. Very commendable as well to pass it along to someone you feel is more suited, shows maturity to make sure true journalism is presented with a standard.

Far as the value, its up and down due to the markets...it will change with the current rate of what Steem is work on coinmarketcap...or a site like that, not really sure completely where it gets its ticker from. It sometimes will be a little behind from the true current but it should rise up again for us soon I believe. UPVOTED, keep up the great work!!

thank you for your insight. I actually wasn't aware it could fluctuate that much. will have to keep posting and connecting here on steemit. have you heard of the website minds.com?

No actually I haven't heard of the site minds.com ....but always up to learning about new stuff, what's it about?

Best thing to do here is be vigilante and keep posting plus connecting with the community through comments and getting to know people. Before you know it you will be seeing a rise in returns from your own posts. I am just now starting to get ahead in this area about a month in but still has its ups and downs till we grow our following. I have a feeling it won't take you to long. I also created a page on Facebook to share and resteem peoples posts from here, I will try to hook you up with a few posts later on today and maybe it will help grow you a little.

If your curious the page I created is here:

Great to have an international TV celebrity here. Voted up and following. SK.

thank you for following. have followed you right back :)

That depends on the price of STEEM - it fluctuates and you can check it at coinmarketcap.com. It may also depend on the number of votes and downvotes that you get along the way.

thank you for the insight. much appreciated :)

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