Minnows Unite

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Hello fellow Minnows,

We are the 99%, individually weak, but together we are strong. Join me in the quest to unite the small guys and take over the world. For too many days now we have had no power in this land of plenty. It is time for us to act and to show the power that we won't be trampled on anymore. I am calling for an economical balancing of the masses. It is very simple actually, we need every minnow out there to introduce themselves and comment something about themselves. Simply tell the community about yourself in one sentence or more. And then we need for everyone one who comments to upvote all of the other comments. By doing this we will artificially stimulate our small economy and help each other to the road of success. Together we are strong.

I'll start: Hello I am rdigh and I am a recent grad looking for a job and I like learning about investments.

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I'm still treading in the shallow end of a bay beside the vast Steemit ocean. I'm not sure gathering gang of tiny fish is good for the eco system. Organic growth is the most stable and delicious long term. Let's this world realm evolve naturally with words

I keep reading words like "earning " and " getting" wrote around a lot in posted comments. Let's start this all up by sharing and forgetting the the payment process . If you stay active and insightful when participating on this new social media platform called Steemit, I'm sure your efforts will eventually give you the cheese.

For now let's just engage and see if Steemit can change the way content is paid to the people who create it for real.

Hello! I am a lover of life, adventures and travelling. I am looking forward to posting these adventures very soon and sharing with fellow steemians! Just currently consumed with research on how to use steemit the correct way at the moment.

Hi all, I'm a rising junior and prospective psychology/environmental studies major at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. I've just posted a short introductory post, and you can expect to see future posts about topics I've brought up in it, such as public health, environmental issues, and blockchain technology. Feel free to PM or follow me!

Hey all! I am Ziggy Richards, a rogue journalist covering global politics from an evidence based, objective viewpoint in an effort to provide an alternative to the propaganda model by which the mainstream media operates.

If this idea interests you, follow me :)


I'm also a minnow in the ocean of steemit. I bought a little more steem to play with, but that's not enough to buy me much influence. I'm playing with this site to see what is possible. The technology is cool. I may even look at coding something with it.

A noble effort! I'm Cosmo, and I'm currently studying computational neuroscience with the end goal of becoming a PhD. I plan on making posts about my work and supporting the work of others!

Hi! I found this post because I am looking for ways how to have an encouraging start with Steemit... What I mean is to receive more upvotes whenever I share valuable content...