Greetings from Northern BC

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Just taking a moment to say Hi to everyone, and thanks to many who have already liked/commented on some of my lifestyle articles.

I live and play in northern British Columbia, Canada. It's a big back yard full of exciting places, nature, but most importantly freedom.

Over the next while, I hope to bring everyone up to speed with some articles about what is happening in and around my community as well as NEW things I hope to be learning from other, wiser people. Over the past year and a half, I've been trying to live and think differently, as well as continue to home school my 3 wonderful kids, enrich my community, and support others who have been going through a financial downturn in our area.

I'll be attending Anarchapulco this year and hope to meet some of you there from the Steem Community. If you can't make it, don't worry! I'm sure you will see lots of posts from myself and others about news on digital currencies, freedom fighting, and how to live life without Big Brother.

Please check out some of my articles that I have posted so far, if this is something that interests you - then you are welcome to follow along on this journey.




Hello RCheyne, welcome to Steemit! :-)

Thanks, good to meet you too.

Now following your journey @rcheyne :))

Thanks so much, I'm now following you as well!

Hi @rcheyne!!! I'll have a look :)

Nice intro post. Thanks for taking the time to do one of these. Continued luck to you!

Thank you for your kind words. Your food posts look great! I'm now following you. Thanks for reaching out!

Hello @rcheyne welcome to steemit! Looking forward to seeing you around :)

Thanks for commenting. It helped me find your diverse postings on science and health topics. Love it! Keep it up!

And thank you for the complement! I appreciate it! I will not let you down, I assure you :)

Welcome to Steemit.

Thanks, nice to meet you too!

Welcome to Steemit !!

Thanks! Nice to meet you too. Looks like you have some good posts on Silver which of course I love. Hope you are enjoying the silver rally today on the markets. I'm following you and hope to see more posts!