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Hello all ,
I am a Lebanese mom . My husband @elameen introduced me to steemit and kept talking about it and now I'm so excited to be here in @steemit community . I'm an interior designer and I have passion to my major . I love cooking , swimming and having fun always ..
The first reason brought me here is to earn huge money ! Haha😂 but it's also important to benefit from your ideas and posts and to share mine with some challenges for fun !
That's all about it for now . I will post again soon .. #arab

Thanks for reading !
If you like my post please upvote and follow and I will return the favor 😁


Welcome to Steemit! Nice intro post!

Thank you😀

welcome to the world of steemit. best regards i am from aceh, indonesia. hopefully this platform becomes a silahturrahmi place

Thank you 😁😁

salam 😀 I liked your introduction & you re a nice couple 🌸

Salam!Thank you so much ! 😍

Hello Rasha. It’s wonderful to run across another pretty Lebanese lady in the Steemit community. I am a Lebanese mom as well. Yalla follow me back ta ne3je2a hon :P
Upvoted and resteemed ❤️

Hahah hello fatima , Wala yhemekk 😂
Thank you so much 💕

nice to meet you sister and you husband @elameen/ wish you nice time here

Thank you

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