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Peace Steemit! I'm the RapOet Self Suffice, pictured here with 2 iconic HipHop artists I performed with recently at the Kennedy Center in Washington D. C.  (The coolest person to ever rock a mic, MC Lyte, and the greatest HipHop entertainer ever, Doug E. Fresh). As you probably guessed I'm an MC, Rapper, Poet, Freestyler, and Creativity Coach. I lead workshops on breaking writer's block, handling stage fright, and overcoming boredom in general Haaaaa! 

While you're here I might as well tell you some things you might not know about me...
 I've been featured in the NY Times and NPR, lectured at Yale, rocked the International Hip-Hop Fest, hit #2 on the Indie Hip-Hop Top 40 radio chart while collaborating with Dreamville's Mez (J. Cole's engineer is the best kept secret in HipHop), and am a 2017 State Slam Poetry finalist. I'm also a freestyle rap champion, event host, inspirational keynote speaker, and socially conscious business advertiser (My latest commission raised awareness of a new way to upgrade solar power sourcing, resulting in praise from 50 Cent, XXL, Essence, and others.)... But I'm not a pop artist - so I'm indebted to the patronage and VIP membership of real people like YOU to keep this Positive RapOetry movement growing! 

Oh yeah, I was also recognized by President Obama's Champions of Change and many others for using HipHop culture to break down stereotypes and effect youth in a positive way.

If you want to know more about my shows, workshops, or hear some of my music, here are some websites you can check. None of my music has curses, so you can play it around anyone you want.

Since you're on steemit, you're probably interested in bitcoin and how I've been getting about 1% daily (NOT YEARLY, DAILY LOL) with bitconnect. If so here's my links:

Feel free to ask me about how I got an extra 30% on my first day with bitcoin and bitconnect

See you soon!
The RapOet (Self Suffice)

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Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome @rapoet to join this platfrom steemit friend, hope what you are looking for and want available in paltfrom this steemit. The spirit to work through your intelligence in terms of writing and taking pictures can attract the attention of crowded people. Welcome back I say


Thanks @li-jun it's great to have my first post reply! This feels more interactive than Youtube already lol. I definitely love to write, and am getting better at showing pictures to go with my words. See you soon!

Welcome to the steemit community @rapoet.

We just upvoted your post.
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Great page, I loved your article on natural hair

welcome @rapoet ! Nice Post ! Please upvote & keep following

Welcome to Steemit, Fellow Steemian. 😃😃
"May the Steem force be with you"
Do look into my account too
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LoL yes brother, may the force be with us both :)

Welcome !! Nice to meet you. Follow each other and come see my blog and vote.
I will upload beautiful pictures and designs myself.


Nice photos brostar