Hello, Steemit! I’m Rachel Blevins, Independent Journalist

Hello, Steemit! My name is Rachel Blevins, and I am an independent journalist from Texas. This is my first Steemit post, and because I have heard numerous good things about this website, I thought I should finally check it out!    

I am passionate about breaking the false left/right paradigm that exists in media and politics, and I strive to create content that challenges existing narratives. The topics I cover include government corruption, foreign policy, police accountability, the drug war, gun rights and mainstream media hypocrisy.   

Many of my videos are centered around the phrase “Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About This?” because I always look for the aspects of a story that are being ignored by traditional media outlets, and I believe the information that is being ignored, buried or is just slipping under the radar can be the most important part of the story.   

Here are a few examples:   

When it comes to government corruption, I believe in calling out the current administration for its policy decisions, no matter which political “party” is in office.   

From a pattern of endless war, to troubling allies, I am passionate about speaking out against the United States’ hypocritical foreign policy.   

I believe in defending the Second Amendment and emphasizing the importance of gun rights.   

I also believe in defending the Fourth Amendment and bringing awareness to the abuses of civil liberties carried out by an increasingly militarized police state.   

I am passionate about speaking out about social issues in areas where hypocrisy from the mainstream media and a mob mentality have clouded public judgment.   

Then there is the miserable failure of an excuse for a “War on Drugs” that has had opposite effect…   

For more information, check out my website. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel, and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for reading!     

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Awesome 👍
I look forward to following and reading great independent stories from u!

Hello dear @rachelblevins, you are most welcome to steemit. I feel your drive to open up things that look insignificant to people as you said:

Many of my videos are centered around the phrase “Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About This?”

So I am positive that your arrival here on steemit will add a lot to this platform
Thanks and keep steemig


Thank you very much!

Welcome Steemit nice to see on here really enjoy your work


Thank you!

Great , welcome to steemit , I follow you now @rachelblevins

Welcome and where have you been all my life! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your video and your sanity. You are asking all the questions that I'm always asking. Thank you and I will be following you on YOUTUBE as well. Keep steeming!

Welcome! The more citizen journalists the better. Good luck here! I'll be following and checking out your website.

Hi, I am glad to discover your account. What do you think about steemit and dtube so far, do you think they can be the future of independent journalism?

It looks like you have some great presentations on topics the media falls short of discussing. I look forward to working through your content.