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I am Oluwatobiloba Samson. I am a Nigerian by birth and I am a graduate.
I was introduced to steemit by @detoye recently and so far he has been a good mentor as he has been explaining the workings of the website to me.
I hope I'll be able to meet more people of great minds here who would make impact and get paid in the process.
I am a lover of food and adventure and I spend most of my spare time exploring new trends.
I am a member of the new community being created in Ibadan by @detoye, @ifioklee and @imohdave. Together we hope to make progress.
Together we will be introducing steemit to new people in the university of Ibadan, Nigeria tomorrow Monday 8th January 2018 as part of our activities for steemit #nigerianuniversitiesreach under the flagship of the #project20millionnaija powered by @stach


Welcome to steemit ! Nice paost ! I hope you enjoy here ! will give the vote to you, Please upvote & follow me

Hi Sexy
Make sure to follow me @allmywordsforu

hi, and welcome to steemit, looking forward to reading some of your posts about food. i have given you a upvote and to get you started I have resteemed your post. don't forget to say hi back :)


Welcome to the best community ever. Hope you'll have good time here. Gud people are waiting for you... Feel free to share what you like with me and be in touch @sarinakhan

Welcome to steemit!

Congratulations @psalmmiecrown, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

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Samson! You are a wrestler😂😂
Your subject in Graduation

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