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What's up Steemit!

I'm Promise Mangum, a 33 year old #creative living in #Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I'm originally from #Pensacola, Florida. I stumbled upon #Steemit about a month ago via a great friend of mine @biglohiphop.
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I have been apart of the blossoming entrepreneurial scene in Winston-Salem for almost 5 years now. Each year, my skill-set has gotten better. I am project manager for a #Streetwear #Startup, "Rawsteen Clothing Company" & Content #Developer for "That's Dat Shhh" #podcast. I will mostly be posting about how to build and develop a streetwear brand, graphic #shortcuts, and creating better content for your brand. I like to listen to peoples problems and bounce ideas off people. if you need an unbiased opinion about your idea, shoot me an e-mail!

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Examples of my Projects:

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Hey man, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and you seem to be pretty cool with the art, the clothes, and I love singing, too.


Sup Joey!

Thanks for showing #SteemitLove!


The heart art is very cool. I love cartoon style art.

Hey @promisemangum! Looks like we've got a mutual homie there with @biglohiphop! Welcome to Steemit =)

Greetings from Missouri! There are so many apps and things to do here so check out DTube, DLive, and DSound just to name a few. As well, check out my page sometime. I hang out around DTube a fair bit, but also enjoy some novice photography. Welcome aboard!


Thanks for showing #SteemitLove @captainbob! i will check out DTube! Ill connect with you later!!!!

Your welcome to steemit bro, you have a lot to share with us here, wishing you success.


Thanks for showing #SteemitLove!!! I will try to post twice a week. thanks for reaching out!!!!!

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Hi @promisemangum. Welcome brother. I am @mineopoly mining the heart. I'm looking forward to hearing some of your hip hop. Yes check out Dsound. It is really easy to use and keep your sounds. It looks like you got your self set here. This should be a great platform for you. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on one of my posts. I will get back to you.


Thanks for showing #SteemitLove!!! I mostly will be discussing #Streetwear and how to produce better original content for your website. I do dib and dab in music production, but its mostly for my videos... Thanks again for reaching out!!!!!


Ah!! I see. Streetwear is your thing. You are original in many ways. I will try to check in.

Welcome on board my friend i follow you 😊


Thanks for showing #SteemitLove!!! I followed you back!!!!

Yo!! Happy you got everything up and going my man! Look forward to building on here further with you

que buen trabajo el que haces @promisemangum, saludos desde venezuela


Thanks for showing #SteemitLove!!!

welcome to steemit bro! looking forward to keeping up with your content here

Great intro post @promisemangum! Thanks for joining Steemit! I am @gogogadgetupvote and I found your intro post thanks to a link that @mineopoly sent me in my Daily "Introduceyourself Post" Bounty! I have upvoted and resteemed your intro, as well as given you a follow! Be sure to check out my contest post I linked, there are several useful articles linked at the bottom for new users!

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