Hello. I am Proctologic from Sweden.

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Here i am intruducing myself.
My name is Proctologic and i am from Sweden.

Here i am one hot summer night out fishing with an old boat


And here is my beutiful dog Nero on a hot summer day.

My hobbies are old american cars i drive around in the summertime

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Will later on post in witness category
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Why Proctologic? :)

Most importantly..Did you catch any fish? If so what species?

Nice to have a fellow islander on the platform!

Välkommen, nice with some more swedes here! I've started a channel #sweden at steemit.chat if you want to join :)

Nice Chrysler. My dad worked for Chrysler. We had a Chrysler 70 New Yorker and 69 Imperial.


this is a 1969 300 Convertible with shaved doors


Sweet. I wish I would have kept Imperial. Drving that that car was like having land yacth, but it was cool.


they are so long so you feel like a king in the traffic.


Follow me for more picures for my interest in 50-60-70s american cars.

How interesting? Swedish guy who is a fan for old American wheels. :-)


Love the pup! That little guy (girl?) is quite adorable, and the 300 is pretty nice too ;)


7 year old Phalene actually

SWEET ride! Love, love, love vintage steel. There's nothing like the roar of a muscle car engine... well, equally enticing to me is the growl of a VW. What do you think of my '59 VW Ragtop's story? https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@steemitpatina/meet-miss-mabel

Welcome to Steemit, you are lucky got the chance to drive around with such awesome car, too bad I do not got the chance to see see much of this car in my country.