A Short Re-introduction - My photography studio/ Colorado visit.

Hello people in steemit. I have been using this platform on and off for a while and its hard to keep up with it daily. With life and work and gym and photography I do get quite busy but I try to upload at least 3 post per week to be part of this platform.

My interest in photography has lead me to create my own studio in my apartment. I have yet to use this new feature in my place as I need a model. Also, I have been trying out different techniques with photography and learning lighting is always a struggle. But every day is a learning curve.

I wanted to post a picture of my self as well and being a photographer I am very rarely captured as I am always behind the camera. So I would like to thank my brother for taking this shot for me. This was taken in Colorado in the USA and we went on a trek to this beautiful mountain near Boulder. Great view and great for photography.


Here is the picture of what the beautiful landscape looks like.


Also, if anyone made it this far. I have a change to go Miami this Thanks Giving holiday and I don't know if I should go or no.

For more pictures in my journey through life, you can follow me at https://steemit.com/@pratickr


Welcome to Steem!

Wow super photos

Nice to see you here, nice photos. Yes it can be difficult sometimes to to many things at the same time but steemit is still fun :)

Thank you, you are right, steemit is fun.

You look like original Cliopatra 😂

Well hello there!

Hi there. Thank you.

Welcome to Steemit! Enjoy the ride as much as you can!

Hey my friend as I can see that you are a photographer and you really click beautiful images well my friend I am looking for True person my heart and I think you are so I welcome you on this platform

@funatoz thank you for your lovely words.

Your photography is great :)

Ah... thx mate. @skysnap

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Congrats for your new studio! I am never a indoor photophraphy kind of person, but it's exciting. and for the Miami, go for it.. but I personally decided to not go my bali trip and work on steemit instead.. haha

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