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RE: Hi, I'm Seraph, a Guardian.

You said above, " There have been serial downvoters that seem to go around flagging anything and everything. This is especially a problem for new users, as sometimes these downvoters have more steem power than a new user, and thus can hide a users first post. This would leave a poor taste of steemit for a new user, and might even cause them to quit the site because of it. :("

Yeah that's me and the downvoter's message got upvoted by you and I followed the link over here to this only post you made. So can you please explain why above it seems you are for us newbies (like me) and try to help, yet you upvoted the downvoter's flag message on my post? I'm like - what?

Maybe someone hacked you all up to do what sure seems to me to be the opposite of your programming when you support the very ones you claim to defend against.