Thank you very much @phoenixwren I've made a few edits, as I just whipped this up in a steem of consciousness. I need to get out of that lazy other social media mentality and treat my blogs as if I intended them to get published. I also at the time of writing this falsely assumed a minnow was the smallest life form, but now I realise I should have made a plankton post not a minnow manifesto lol. I so very much appreciate the help, I can't say that enough I'm very thankful to have this outlet to pursue uninhibited. I'm developing new ideas of which direction to take and how to gain an audience. Discord seems to be a hot topic I'm working on joining here at teammalaysia and anywhere else the confluence of ideas are whirpooling about. It's so nice being able to reply by the way 😂 cheers and I look forward to the journey.

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Mate, I know we are all trying to save on resource credits, but paragraphs don't cost anything. Try and introduce a few :P

And welcome again! Steem is probably the friendlies social media platform I have used. I am not sure if it's because of my steem power, but who cares. It's nice and I am having fun :)

Lol, tis true paragraphs are free 😀 At the time I wrote it I had no credits at all to edit the post after I had put it through. You must understand I'm coming from a world that hadn't included writing any longer than a single paragraph.

I will definitely go back and add some paragraphs to make the stream of consciousness more aesthetically pleasing for the reader. I'm taken aback that people actually read here. So, I will focus on being more professional with my structure and prose. TQ @kabir88

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