I decided to do something I never dared doing before.

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Since Steemit is a progressive group of individuals engaged in awakening humanity through action, I dare to participate by introducing myself.


I journeyed through many walks of life. I traveled through methods of teaching how to lose weight, how to breathe, how to exercise, how to avoid stress, how to free my mind from negative thoughts, how to create my day, how to meditate, how to vitalize my body, how to sleep, how to heal myself, how to be in a healthy relationship, how my mind works in relation to my brain (just to name a few).

Yet the ones that made the biggest impact in my self-realization are those that taught me how to improve my relation to change and allowing breakthroughs to occur in my life. It required fearlessness and the integration of a radiant presence that breaks the boundaries delineating confinements, whether they be cultural, interpersonal, social, or simply within my own psyche.

Through continual and deliberate observations within the makeup of my Self, I have been renewed in a way that brings me peace and a sense of belonging, prosperity and unending happiness. It is from that place that I am inspired to share my stories within the Steemit community.

Though I never had the courage to share my connection with the timeless realm of spirit on a blog before, writing is the only way I know to express what it is to feel alive in a way that is both beautiful whilst at times being very challenging. “Life” has the capacity to wake us from our own individual dream of separation and isolation. Meditation and writing is my channel that takes me there.

My writings range from common day-to-day matters to those important questions of life and death, including - but not limited - to consciousness, energy, creativity, emotions, spirituality, the present moment, and self-actualization, simply because: “That’s Life!”

I live by an inspirational thought that goes like this: “Never forget — You are a human being first, a human doing second.” In our free will, we are continually confronted to oppose and complement. The art of making the right choice is worth improving.
Each of you will look at my stories through your own lens, in a way that speaks to you. My intent is to bring a powerful vision to this platform, one that is potent and relevant to our time. I invite you to join me in my sharing as we travel together towards expanding our awareness of who and what we truly are.

That’s Life!

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Welcome to Steem @philippon I have sent you a tip


Thank you very much for your welcome gift. This is a nice surprise. Thanks

Hope you enjoy this place as much as I do. It's not difficult to get started.
A little effort will truly go a long way.
A great way to start is by Following ,Upvoting & Resteeming people and they will do the same for you. Good luck !

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Like you I am also interested in trading. I am following you with pleasure. Thanks.

Hi Philippon!!! 😉

So glad you chose to join the community! I find Steemit to be extremely enriching as a participant of the platform, as much as reading the content of so many other talented writers/bloggers!!

From your introduction, I can see you are one of them! I look forward to reading you and be inspired by you!!!

(Upvoted, resteemed, and followed! 😊👍)