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Hello everybody!

I'm on Steemit since a year now and I went from being excited, to angry to now like: "I couldn't care less about Steem".
I was a curator from day one and participated in discussions. I simply never grew a dime in a year, and I spent hours reading and liking posts on a daily basis.
2 months ago I got fed up and stopped going there.
Now that I know big updates are coming I was ready to takeover and even start posting... BUT! now I can like nothing: Steemit ask me to put money in every time I want to like or comment. The same who told me I could curate and earn now asks me money. I'm a poor person and live with very few money.
I'm disgusted now.
I've wasted a lot of time for absolutely nothing.

The Steem community is ruled by whales and vote bots: You could show a revolutionnary molecule that could cure diseases and nobody would care and at the same time you could take a pic of your cereal bowl each day and thanks to money and bots grow at a Godspeed....

I see absolutely nothing interesting in using this system (I even went back to Minds and Gab).

Good luck in what you do here and hope it REALLY works for newcomers but I highly doubt it (you should growth hack with bots like everybody is doing/It became a synthetic world).

Bye Steem! See you never!

PS: I'm giving my account credentials to whoever ask me nicely.

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Welcome to Steemit @ph4l4nxx :)

See? Just what I said...

So many comments! As I see, people read me! What an audience!

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