Permaculture, orangutans and street theatre in Borneo, Kalimantan

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What do all these elements have in common? Our community project Permakultur Kalimantan Foundation, that's what....! We are excited to be introducing ourselves here on Steemit. And if it all goes well, we look forward to keep posting updates of our project on this platform.

Only a few years ago, we moved to the one of the last remaining lungs of the earth, Kalimantan Borneo.

Some of our neighbours here include orang-utans, in fact the world's largest wild population of orang-utans live here. If we go down the river we can see them in their forest home. However, they and their habitat are under threat… in fact their status is now critically endangered.

So we started a community project that offers solutions ( and invited Curious Legends theatre company from Australia to work with us to engage the local community in an epic environmental street theatre performance. This video is the result!

Video Here:


If you would like to support our project we also accept Bitcoin donations at: 1LHfirERHCXaXQcKyZ8xmmwiXy6Zk1tKvd

For more details on the project, please go to:

If you have any questions about this performance project, Permakultur Kalimantan Foundation or Curious Legends please post questions below.

Funds will go towards Permakultur Kalimantan's longterm environmental programs, such as: education for local villagers, solar power for remote communities, helping Farmers to farm sustainably without using GMO crops or burning land, sustainable enterprise development, cultural and recreational programs for local youth.

Thanks so much! Peace from the jungle... :)


@rimann you may find this interesting.

interesting indeed

Steemit is in the credits at the end of the film to show it is steemit exclusive launch :)

Hello via Bali ! I am very happy to see you here and will support with my upvotes as much as possible .

Thank you from Kalimantan mammasitta...! thanks so much (terima kasih banyak) for your upvote and your encouragement for our project... :)

I love Orungutans. My wife and I had our honeymoon in Sarawak and Sabah almost 20 years ago.

Nice video, wow might be a nice place to visit. Looks like your doing a good job brining awareness to the logging I'm really happy you came here to promote your video. Is there more to see though?

Is there video footage of the logging, any active peaceful protesting being done in more direct interaction with the loggers, is the population able to defend themselves?

Thanks jamesc, we are trying our best with the knowledge and capacity that we have now. It is a lovely place to visit. Nonetheless there are still a lot of cleared forests, and a lot of development occurring. Regarding issues such as illegal logging, there aren't any protests occurring that i am aware of, however there were major protests around this time last year during the smoke season (result of slash and burn activities that saw the burning of the peatland forests). Most people around are poor and take what they need from the resources around them to simply survive. Our perspective is that we need to address the day to day needs of the locals as a strategy to combat conservation issues. At the end of the day, they are conducting these activities so they can eat, and feed their families/children. Same goes with burning land for palm oil production, illegal gold mining, etc. As well as trying to establish a permaculture demonstration site here that demonstrates alternative sustainable approaches to agriculture and land management (no burning methods, organic methods), we are also trying to support the existing and new sustainable enterprises that support jobs so that the community don't need to resort environmental destruction. For instance we are working with sustainable tourism groups in the region, we book people into their holiday tours, this not only provides significant jobs for many, but it also demonstrates the need to preserve the natural environment, showing how much of an asset it is when we conserve the environment rather than when we exploit it. But we are just beginning, we are a small team and there is much, much work to be done...

@cheetah what do you think of this film?

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.

Wisest are those who know they know nothing at all....

Hey Permakultur,

Keep up the good work! This project sounds really cool and I really hope it goes well. I look forward to hearing more about the progress of this initiative. Btw, how do you plan to expand the programme? Do you intend on expanding the programme to neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Brunei? Have you come across the work of Geoff Lawton? I think his YouTube videos are worth looking it on this particular topic.

Hi theredrider,
Thank you so much. Yes we know Geoff Lawton's work very well, in fact i did his Permaculture Design Course in 2013. And Jayadi did the diploma of permaculture back in Australia before moving back here to Indonesia. We need to make our base (our site, programs and local capacity) here strong first, however if opportunities open up, absolutely we can expand our work... step by step... from little things big things grow!

Seems like a great project. Best of luck and welcome to steemit.

Thank you so much manicmidnight for your feedback and encouragement. You can help us spread the message by sharing this blog link with your friends... all the best..


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