Pick a Name and WIN $100 !



Hello folks, I am new on steemit so instead of a regular #introduceyourself I thought I'd show a little love, since I enjoy seeing smiles on people's faces! So yes, I am giving away $100 and it could very easily be you :)


Well, it's simple I need your help! We are expecting a newborn baby very soon and are totally stuck for a boy's name! We are so confused which name to choose and time is ticking! So I am reaching out to the Steemit community to help us pick a baby boys name :)


All you have to do to qualify for the 100 bucks is:
Send a comment with your suggestion for a baby boy's name and the name (comment) with the most upvotes after a week will win!

Remember to follow me and like my post to qualify

The Winner?

The most upvoted comment will be the winner :)

Good Luck all and Thank you!

P.S. I really like 4 letter names :p


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How about Ayan
It means "Pathway to the Sun"
Congratulations for the Baby Boy! I have a 3-year-old son, his name is Kanav, which means A Dream.
Welcome to Steemit. Have fun ♨️ 😊


That is a lovely suggestion Thank You! The meaning pathway to the sun is also very "enlightening" :) good luck!

@Pepskaram - welcome to steemit. Hope you will enjoy ! All the best @digital-gypsy


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Our 1st is due in October. We settled on Weston for his name. Wes or West for short.

John Steemian Karam

Hey, whats with Jon. ;)

I think Yale did a study in 2007 and found that children with a name that starts with an "A" are given better grades by teachers. So I suggest the name Aaron. Here's the link to an article about the study:

Congratulations on your new son!
I shall assist you the best I can :)

Life hack: name your kids something starting with the letter 'A' to have them first in line for anything that is sorted alphabetically.
My suggestion then is: Abel, since you like 4 letter names and it starts with 'AB'.

Aside from that, I think Hawk is a cool name ^_^


Interesting Advice. First in the Alphabet :) Abel is cool and hawk is great!


That's already taken by my grandson.lol


Thanks for the Heart Shape @love-me so what is the name you are suggesting? :)

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I've always liked Alexander, so...


Welcome to Steem @pepskaram I have upvoted and sent you a tip

I love the name "STEEM" so i recommend that

Liam Karam has a nice ring to it!


It does right? Thanks for the suggestions @ladycrypto :) Hope you are well!

What about "gabe"

And how do You like the name Petr (Пётр) Peter - its has greek roots. Means "rock, stone"

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Thank You - @blueorgy

Nice, a new Steemian, more or less ^^ Hi Pepskaram I hope you have fun on Steemit. feel free to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @chrisx

PMSL you really do sound desperate. I'm sure when the baby arrives the name will present itself. Good luck and welcome to steemit. How about Pierre? Has a nice ring to it. Peter is my son-in-law.
Update 3.30 a.m. GMT my daughter Natalie has gone into labor and has gone to the hospital to have the baby. Watch this space.

I recommend the name ---


Its your name re-arranged pete :) @pepskaram

My STEEMIT Purpose

I think that Charlie is a lovely name :)

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

Congrats on your new baby! I think the name "Eli" is a very masculine and unique name. From the movie, "the book of eli".

@pepskaram Hey buddy! Nice content. I dropped to this profile by chance but
I upvoted and followed you since you truly deserve it !

check out my profile and upvote and follow, too. fetmom - real estate investor and donator!


Hey! Enjoy steemit!! Followed. Follow me back 😘

Form of JOSHUA. lord is salvation
Origin: Hebrew

Sounds sweet too! :)

Congrats as well! :)

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Hail @pepskaram! great to have you on steem.