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Hello Steem peeps. People of the Night has been around for a while around the internet, mostly in secrecy trying to build something great from ground up. Steemit gives us all a chance to do something bigger, so I figured I should do something that benefits me in the longer run and all of you who need help but don't know where to get it from, I want to make it so that people benefit out of the content other people make and create and this is the sole reason for me to make something like this.

People of the Night as a small group of people have tried to pull in people around India, mostly the young crowd of India who are into curating and creating quality content and we're continuing to do the same with Steemit, trying to add onto to the value of the platform by bringing in more people to this beautiful sanctuary.

It was an initiative to make gaming bigger in India by @vishire, but it moved on to much bigger things like bringing out all of the underrated communities, people and industries in an around the city of Bangalore and all over the internet, promoting small artists, getting small time gaming tournaments going and lastly attending conventions to show support to developers, techies and the general crowd alike.

The main aim as of this moment for this name and this place is to build up on donations for small projects that would require small amounts of funding to get them started up on some small time equipment for the digital content that they require making, and people are coming together for this cause.

Do keep in mind that all these businesses are made out of small communities all around the internet and the cause being that gaming communities are being brought together in India by some of the figureheads in this particular community and I have a few more in mind that bring more to the table with regards to the gaming showbiz in India. In this, I would like your wholehearted support, and I wish that this will put us a step forward to bringing a force out in the world.

So I am taking this opportunity to help those people through Steemit and then pitching to those small businesses the idea of Steemit itself so that the platform grows just as much as the people do benefiting from it.

There are many future aims planned out to come from and out of this name, People of the Night, and we will take stride when we have to, just be ready for it!

If you like this project and want to help make it grow and make it happen, then please donate to our cause by sending in STEEM or SBD to this account @peopleofthenight and the memo can be towards the peopleofthenight cause or the recently started donation initiative from @vishire for ASidCast and it's people, just put in 'ASidCast' as the memo. This way I can keep track where to sort out the money and for who and what it should be used for.

Follow @vishire for more on what People of the Night is and how we want to help anyone who needs the kind of help we want to provide.

And please resteem and upvote this post and get it around as much as you can if you support this project! Thank you.


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