Troy from Portland, Oregon -- Single Dad, Construction, Travel & Food

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Greetings, my name is Troy! I currently live in a small suburb of Portland, Oregon.

I went to Oregon State University and earned a Bachelors in Construction Engineering Management (CEM) and a Masters in Business and Engineering (MBE). I've held construction engineering positions in the recycling industry, at Intel, as a project manager/estimator on road improvement projects, and I currently work as an Estimator for a excavation company in Portland, OR.

I'm of jack of many trades, but I'm not sure I'm an expert at much. My contributions will be my experiences as a single dad raising a 4.5+ year old son, engineering/science/space posts, music/concerts, travel and food, financial/real estate, and hopefully general posts to share information and create a few chortles.

I joined Steemit after an alcohol infused conversation in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica (Playa Jaco) with two Steemit users, [@raserrano] ( and @soykatonline
After a couple Imperials and chili guaros they had me convinced to give it a shot.

My goals on Steemit are to learn a few new things from this interesting platform, and hopefully generate a few dollars here or there to put into my son's college fund.

Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you soon!

Here's me and a Costa Rican Ox Cart near Cartago, CR.


[Troy and Ox Cart.jpg]


Hi, there @pdxlove welcome to steemit. I wish that this platform will be able to help you with your son's future, so I wish you all the best. =)

Thanks Purepinay!

Welcome to Steemit Troy! And shout out to PDX, (Salem here) lets make Oregon strong here on this platform. Upvoted and following.

Thanks Dialetic, good to see that there are some Oregonians on here. I followed you and saw that you were laid off from your union job. Who were you working for? Facility Solutions, so were you in HVAC?
I'll check out your podcasts one of these nights! Is there anywhere else to access it other than Facebook?

Yeah, HVAC. We're also on soundcloud. Trying to get it up on DSounds but I'm having some trouble getting it to upload. Thanks for the follow!

Hello pdxlove, and Welcome! Cool ox-cart- I want one :) I hope you enjoy your time on Steemit, there's tons of cool people with lots of different perspectives on a variety of topics. I'm looking forward to hearing some of yours!

Thanks JRB. I don't think I could ever paint an ox cart like that!
It seems like a great community so far. Looks like your posts are mostly on bitshares, I have quite a lot to learn about that so I'll be following you!

yep...trader, trying to get out of the 9-5 engineering rat-race!

Congratulations @pdxlove! You have received a vote as part of @raserrano donation to this project.
I will be able to help more #minnows

Welcome, Troy! Steemit needs such educated people like you! Wow CEM and MBE. Glad you decided to join this community. Best of luck :) Followed

I am into motivation, psychology and healthy lifestyle, in case you would like to visit my channel :) VALUE guaranteed

Orestas or "Forest", thanks for my first comment! Looks like you're living in Denmark, that's awesome! I've visited once and my son is actually a Danish citizen (through his mother).

I think everyone can use a little more motivation, psychology and better lifestyles. I've followed you back. Looks like you've been very successful in your first month.
Any suggestions for a minuscule "minnow" like me?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I currently stay there. How was it in Denmark? :)

I would highly recommend reading carefully through Steemit's FAQ in the first place if you haven't done that

Otherwise, I recommend of course start posting, giving some VALUE for other members so that they can start to get to know more about you and your blogs. Try to be active as well and appreciate others content. Be careful with commenting: "Nice post" or something like that. Be more specific and give more appreciation. :)

I enjoyed it there. I was with my girlfriend at the time, and her family (she and her father are Danish). They had spent a lot of time there, so I wasn't able to accomplish all the classic "tourist events". I would like to go again so I can see Christiania, spend more time in the Tivoli Gardens, and visit the "little people island" (I can't remember the name of it).
What do you enjoy doing most in Denmark, do you feel happier being there?!

Thanks for the good advice and the FAQ's, I'm going to check that out!

Picture isn't being shown as a link. Is there an easy to post it in the body not as a link?

Welcome aboard my friend! I wish you the best in this journey!

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Thanks to @raserrano

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Great read mate, thanks for taking time and introducing yourself on my intro too. Much appreciated.
Jack of all trades could be way more handy in the coming age of AI perhaps?
Wishing you all the success for you and your Son.

Thanks Skittlefizz, I enjoy learning, but seem to get bored when I am on the cusp of mastering something. If I could program myself to sleep less and learn/practice more, I would!

"I'm of jack of many trades, but I'm not sure I'm an expert at much" ... this phrase of yours seems interesting to me, so I borrow it because in truth, those people that we identify with Where creativity does not have a fixed, established trade ... we are a kind of multifaceted. Greetings and successes ... interesting your comment.

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