Introduce Yourself : Your new Steemitan Friend

Hi everyone fellow Steemitans from all over the world!
So this is it, My very first post here in steemit community.
Thanks to my good friend Engr. Juls Tamban(@julstamban) for introducing me this new social platform where everybody can share their feelings and thoughts and contribute to a new and meaningful way of posting.
Let's start introducing myself hahaha(Evil laugh)
I'm Patric James Fernandez from Philippines, 26 yrs. of age.
I'm a Civil Engineer,Theater Artist, and Musician.

I've performed several times in theater acting back when i was still in College.

I'm also a Badminton Lover since my childhood and up until now i still play this game.
I love this game because it's simple and can be played by any age. I remember my experience getting beaten by elderly players, it was very frustating because their very clever at the game.
The picture above is me, my coach and my doubles partner after winning our first tournament intercampus.
After long training and hardwork at last a championship medal.

This is me and my lovely girlfriend since 2005. We're in a relationship for 12 yrs. and still counting.
after long years of being together through ups and downs we're still deeply in love with each other.
We took this picture on our 11th anniversary in Tagaytay, Laguna.

As you've seen above, this is me smiling at the camera with my donut. Well i love to eat like everyone else hehe.

So that's it for my introduction.
Hope you Guys enjoyed reading my short introduction of myself.
I still have lots to share to you fellow steemitans about me and myself hahahah.
So please follow me and don't forget to upvote me.


Welcome to Steemit!

Thanks @trogdor. i already followed you

welcome patric sa steemit haha

Thanks @julstamban. finally created my introduction hehe

Welcome to Steemit Patric! You're going to have a good time. :)

thanks @skynap.
Let's have a good time here! stay updated friend ;)

Good to see you here! Welcome beloved @patricjames, steemit is a place for personalities such as you.

You'll do well here, I've up voted your introductory post.

Make friends and have fun.
I'm a friend @maxdevalue

Thanks @maxdevalue. i'm flattered.
Excited to make more contents and posts.

Nice start. Simply bring back to life on steemit all those interests of yours and shine on. Stay awesome. Join the #untalented family as well. Your friend inform me of you

Thanks @surpassinggoogle. Steemit is really awesome. Lots of people contributing and helping each other.
It's really a place for everyone who are passionate of their works and skills. Hope to contribute more meaningful and inspiring posts here. again thanks sir and also @julstamban

welcome @patricjames just continue to share your talents here and rewards will follow

Welcome to Steemit, @patricjames! 😊 Hindi ka nagkamali sa pinasukan mo. Isa na ito sa pinaka-magandang nangyari sa buhay nating mga Steemians! Steem on, Patric!

Thanks @angelicagarcia.
I'm very happy to be part of this community.hope to meet more like you 😊

Hahahaha di bitaw mi kaila. Feeling close rako hahahaha :D

A very big welcome to you. Enjoy your stay

Thanks @penauthor. Surely i'll enjoy my stay here like what's happening to everyone :)

Welcome to steemit world @patricjames.

Thanks @shrivastava.sud.. Big world yet so small with steemit :)

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Welcome @patricjames sa steemit. :) :)

thanks @ruah my fellow steemitan ;)

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I follow Steemitans from all over the world! all programs is nice, best of luck bro
@upvoted and followed for you

Thanks @didarulselim. already followed you too bro. stay connected for more ;)

Welcome to Steemit! (^_^) Enjoy~!!!! ^^

Thanks @tegoshei for a very cute smiley welcome. :)

Heehee~!!! ^^ You're welcome. :D It's always great to welcome people with a smile.. ^^

welcome to Steem @patricjames ! Nice Post ! I hope you enjoy here ! I will give the vote to you, please follow me

Thanks @arvindkumar . already followed you friend thanks for your vote :)

Welcome to the Steemit community. 😊

Nice pictures! Welcome to the steemit platform!

Welcome to Steemit! Hope to see some content made specifically for the community here.

Thanks @lopezdacruz. have a blast! already preparing for my next blog.

Welcome to Steem!!! Following ya!)))


Hi @saluton feel free to comment thanks!

Welcome to Steemit, @patricjames ! Hope you'll enjoy the platform and look forward to your next post

Wow! Theater acting, badminton player, beautiful and lovely girl friend, yourself an Engineer, can enjoy eating.................. What an satisfied life you are living buddy!! #gratefulvibes

@hafiz34. Yeah it's great to bring goodvibes to everyone here 😊

Welcome to this amazing platform Patric. You have many talents and interests: You will enjoy your life as a new Steemian!

Thanks @muphy. I'm looking forward to posting my other interests and hobbies. 😊#happythoughts

Welcome to Steemit, Patric. That's a cool drawing of a new Steemit logo. Good one. I agree with what you said.
this new social platform where everybody can share their feelings and thoughts and contribute to a new and meaningful way of posting.
You can share your thoughts and ideas and it will be really appreciated. :) Glad to know that you are happy too. Keep sharing and have fun Steeming.

Thanks @firepower.
Yeah it's more inspiring to post happy thoughts.
It inspires many and keep them pumped-up 😊

Yeah it's more inspiring to post happy thoughts.That's right. Keep getting inspired and keep sharing more happy posts. :)

Welcome to Steem kabayan.

upvoted welcome to steemit bro..

please be reminded to back up your password..
log in on your posting key for security reason.
have a great day

Kumusta @patricjames
We have given you our still tinnie-winnie upvote!

You have been spotted by a human @surpassinggoogle to possess rare gem!
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Thanks @steem-untalented. Filipinos are really talented! Can't wait to share my other talent here. Let's support each other and spread the message to everyone. we are one at all.

nice to met you kabayan... ill follow and upvote you. tulungan po tau sa community na to. I'm just new here and I hope you can share your tips here..

Hello and welcome to Steemit @patricjames found you on Daily hit-parade.

Very Excellent pictures!
Welcome to Steemit! Nice to meet you. :-)
Upvoted and followed!

I hope you have lots of fun here and make many friends! :-)
Thank you for sharing! :-)


You're very welcome. :-)
Thank you for your reply! :-)
Wishing you happiness, smiles, sweet dreams and sunshine! :-)

Welcome to Steemit dear @patricjames! :) Really a great intro post! Was much fun to read! :) How good to see that there are other people out there who found their soulmate <3 My husband and me are together for 11 years and still counting :) I fall in love with him a bit more everyday :) <3
I wish you a lot of fun and success on steemit! :) And I follow you, you seem very nice and interesting!

Best wishes from Germany!

Thanks @endorphoenix. I'm looking forward in sharing my love story here in steem so stay updated. 😊

I am excited to read it!! :) <3 Love is life <3

hey man welcome.
regards from Costa Rica!

welcome bro! Always be reminded that steemit isn't all about earnings. It is also :

  • A place to socialize
  • A place of learning. Read blogs from amazing writers.
  • A place to redefine yourself.
  • A perfect place to improve your writing skills

Welcome on steemit Patricjames

Follow me follow you

Hello @patricjames, I hope you are enjoying Steemit!

This is a great place with a great community -- glad to have you around!
follow @gauravgpt60 for future steemit instructions to get much better results.

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