Hi Steemit, I'm Chrissy - An Origami Teacher & YouTuber!

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Hello Steemit!

My name is Chrissy. I am a full time YouTuber from Australia.

My partner in crime, @angusg finally persuaded me to join Steemit a few weeks ago! I've posted a couple of small test posts here, but finally this is my introduction.

A bit about my YouTube Channel:

The name of my YouTube channel is Paper Kawaii.

Mostly I teach people how to make things out of paper. Usually it's origami, but there is also some paper crafts, reviews and giveaways as well!

Over the last few years I have collected over 330,000 subscribers on Youtube plus way more on my other social platforms.


On a good week, I post 2-3 videos on youtube, sometimes more. Lately I've been making photo tutorials as well.

(did you see that STEEM logo in my channel? I just posted that!)

Other Stuff

My Youtube Channel started out as a wordpress blog back in 2008. At the beginning I was posting links and reviews of other people's content. I didn't really know what I was doing!

Now the blog - PaperKawaii.com gets around 4k - 5k views a day and makes a tidy income via Adsense (I might post more on running blog or making money with adsense in future here on Steemit).

Just recently I made my first eBook, called 'LEARNIGAMI' - a play on the words, 'learn' and 'origami'.

You can find my printable products including the ebook, as well as many freebies, at Shop.PaperKawaii.com.


Plans for Steemit

Firstly I plan to post my tutorials on Steemit, I have a feeling that photo tutorials will be more appealing than video tutorials, but I might be wrong. So I'll try to post both!

Secondly I am really interested in the whole idea behind steemit, as a full time online creator, I know first hand how we get underpaid and trodden-on by YouTube/Google, Facebook etc. I think it's time for things to change, quality content should be rewarded.

After browsing around for a few weeks, I noticed that there is not a lot of origami related content on Steemit, and not too many craft tutorials in general. I think Steemit would benefit from having more DIY/Paper Crafts content as it's a surprisingly large audience online.

So, to start off my Steemit posts, I thought creating an Origami STEEM logo would be a fun idea. Originally I planned this to be the Steemit logo, as I didn't know about the new one, but.. I don't think the new logo can be made with origami, as the shape is pretty unique (and round!).

The steem logo is a very nice shape to make with origami, anyone can make one. All you need is one sheet of square paper.



I hope some of you would like to make one!

With all that said, that's it for my introduceyourself post! Bye for now!

x Chrissy

PaperKawaii.comYouTube ChannelFacebookInstagram


Welcome to Steemit :D yet another topic added to the STEEM universe - great! Maybe you will publish on @dtube soon!
Resteemed you for a little visibility ;)
Greets, @theaustrianguy

Thanks, @welcoming :) I have uploaded one video to dtube so far, and I'll continue to add them in time!

Tub Cat welcomes another fantastic Aussie to Steemit. Your introduction post is most impressive. Tub Cat requests that you post an origami tutorial about how to make an origami bath tub.

Tub Cat is very impressed at the quality of your post. So impressed that he has pushed the little green squishy thing with an upwards pointing arrow to show his appreciation.

Tub Cat strives to encourage the production of quality content on Steemit, and has made it is mission to both reward quality content and also offer advice to new comers about how to best go about producing quality content.

Tub Cat has enjoyed your post and encourages you to keep producing such excellent content!

An origami bath tub is a cool and unique idea, thanks Tub Cat! ^-^

Welcome baby! Enjoy steemit!!

Thanks so much! <3

Welcome! Good Logo Steemit! Good Luck

Thank you for the welcome :) x

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

This is so cool. I love that I would never have been exposed to your work if not for Steemit. This platform is attracting fantastic people. Welcome.

Wow! Welcome to Steemit, @paperkawaii! I think no one so far has that niche of origami on Steemit, you are going to corner the market hahaha :) Seriously, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Have fun on here and any question just let me know!

thanks @herverisson for the welcome, I hope other arts and crafters join too :)

Nice to meet you Chrissy! Very nice art !

Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

Hi @paperkawaii
Nice to meet you,I am also an art&craft teacher.I welcome you at steem.hope you have a good time here.
I wish you luck 👍.
Regards @Crafter

@crafter you have some really nice paper crafts on your blog, thanks for the welcome :)

Ur welcome

Welcome to steemit, looking forward to seeing you around @chessmasterhex.

thank you! :)

Welcome to Steemit @paperkawaii ;)

welcome to steemit @paperkawaii! It's great to have a cool niche here on steemit, and be a pioneer in it. You can start a Paperevolution!

Welcome to this amazing community @paperkawaii. :) I am very interested in your craft. I look forward to watching more of your tutorials in the future. see you around. followed you.

Welcome to steemit!!

Hey! Welcome fellow Aussie! What a fantastic introduction post. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but you should check out DTube. You would do very well there with this content. It's essentially YouTube but on the Steemit blockchain.

You'll also find that your content here will be very warming welcomed. Steemit started out as being incredibly popular with Cryptocurrency related stuff (for obvious reasons) but we're now seeing lots of new and fresh content being posted (I personally post about wildlife, beer and wine) which is really diversifying what you can find here.

Head over to the #TeamAustralia discord channel! @angusg just posted a link to this post which is how I ended up here. :)

Thanks for the lovely welcome!

Welcome to Steemit! Chrissy I love that you are bringing papercraft here. For my wedding, my maid of honor made me 1,000 white cranes that we hung during the wedding from the tent we had to have along with Christmas lights. It looked amazing. So I have a big soft spot for that kind of thing. I followed you as I'm looking forward to the content that you will be sharing. Good luck going forward.

Oh wow, the hanging cranes sound amazing! Thanks so much for following me :) x

wow, the hanging cranes sound amazing!


Hi!!! Love your origamis... and the Steem logo!!! You should try to post your videos in the Steem blockchain Dtube ;-)
Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Hi @steemitri thanks! I will do, it's going to take a while though! Hugs, :)

@Paperkawaii I love your creativity and due to your passion I start following you :)

Welcome to Steemit! I am a newbie here also. Good luck to us!

My God you have adorable eyes...

Welcome on board, @paperkawaii! You are pioneering a new awesome idea on Steemit and you are going to become very popular soon for sure! You have an amazing skill and... beautiful eyes:)

I love it, when people find their niche here!
Welcome and best of luck on Steemit!

Thanks for the welcome, it certainly is a niche, hopefully it will grow :)

welcome chrissy ! awesome to see more youtuber posting content here on steemit too. remind me of my first few paper crafts way back, paper boat, paper plane that we throw around in class, paper gun, paper ball and paper crane. What's the most difficult to make yet most beautiful paper craft that you have personally made ?

That's a tough question, it would have to be one of Tomoko Fuse's boxes, but I'm not sure which one :)

wow that's something new for me, did a google on it. those boxes look so beautiful ! i wonder how long it took to make one

Welcome to Steemit! Good luck with the tutorials :)

I can't control myself to upvote and follow you,,
After reading your post...

wow! Wow! Wow! what a entry.. Looking forward to your updates around here:)

Thanks for the welcome @soloalexandraa :)

Welcom to steemit you and your crimes partner x)

Haha! Thanks! :)


YouTuber Chrissy, I'm Joey, and you are pretty good with the Origami and that is pretty cool. Good work. I like that and I like Australia.

Thanks for the nice welcome Joey :)

Saya senang bisa jumpa dengan anda di steemit

wow, it's great to see the Steemit logo in origami. Thanks for showing and welcome!

Thanks! Good luck to you as well :)

Nice- and welcome! My son and I can’t wait to follow and learn from you:) cheers

Oh no, I am going to get so addicted to your posts. I love working with my hands and have been super keen on learning some origami! Thank you for sharing lovely

Upvote & Get Upvote Back

Welcome to Steemit!
Hope to see you more on you.

Welcome to the steemit:),i was amazed by your work looking forward to see more.pls follow me also thanks...

Welcome to STEEMIT!
Just keep on Steeming...

I'm new here too, and I'm learning English now.You look very beautiful and nice to meet you.

Lovely to find someone making origami tutorials. I've watched quite a few of your youtube videos and find them clear and easy to follow.

Great pictures and loved the article. Feel free to check out my blog, this way we can support each other! :) upvoted and followed :D

welcome to Steemit seems you are a good teacher.

Really amazing job on the post. Very impressed. The length is good as well.

Hi @paperkawaii I'm a newbie as well. Welcome to Steemit! Can't wait to read great articles from you. Keep steeming dear!

Nice to see you found your way to Steemit! So, welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! Already waiting for your next story!

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😊welcome!follow me, good @solik

Hi Chrissy, and im Adam, nice to meet you, my english isn;t perfect:)

Welcome to steemit. Enjoy

Welcome and good work! :)

I'd love to learn how to make origami for real. Hello fellow newbie. Following you now, hope to hear from you as well.

@paperkawaii, I have just joined on steemit and youtube also a few of day. but I get some difficulty to rise up my account. I do hope we be able to get closer relationship and you help my life on youtube and steemit as my partner. thanks a lot.

welcome to steemit :p nice youtube channel !!
Aw and don’t forget « Together we are going forth’ »

Hello and welcome to Steemit, looking forward for more from you.

I used to love origami back when in the day! Will follow you for sure, brings back good memories :)

Hello welcome to steemit .i follow and upvote u and wanted same from u as i am also new here

Ooo I love Origami! For our wedding, my wife and I made hundreds of cranes with different patterned paper for all the guests. Every now and again I make sure I can still make a good one.


Hi. Welcome to the community, very successful.
I invite you to visit my blog. a greeting.

Welcome to steemit!!!

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