My Story: Who is she a Russian woman?

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Summer 1961, the Soviet Union, Pionerlager "Sputnik"

  • Do you know what being a Russian woman? I mean - what it means to be a real Russian woman?

He looked around the faces around him girls. Thirty young Komsomol - the entire sixth detachment summer pioneer camp "Sputnik" - fell silent and looked at him with expectant interest. The highlights of the evening campfire lit their red Pioneer ties, blue shirts, tight-fitting elastic breast, and his short shorts, especially of white-faded, to set off the chocolate tan their legs got stronger over the summer from volleyball, swimming and hiking. Then, behind them, in the darkness of the night more than guessed than seen, it was a wide river, lighthouses and buoys drifting quietly on the river rapids Rafting rafts.

  • And who is she - a real Russian woman? - He asked, without raising his voice. - Anna Karenina, unfaithful husband? Or Natasha Rostova, giving birth every year for your child? Or courtesan Nastasia from "Idiot" by Dostoevsky? Or pathetic prostitute Sonia Marmeladov from the novel "Crime and Punishment"? Do not laugh, it's an interesting question! See: French inspired world that the French the most refined ladies. Right? Spaniards - that the Spaniard is the most passionate and sensual, right? About Englishwomen we know that they are cold and stiff. About Jewish women and Japanese women - they're the best mother. What about the Russian? You - the future Russian women. Yes, yes, there is nothing to snicker, you will be Russian women, and who else? But what do you know about yourself?

© Copyright: Eduard Topol "Russian diva", 1999

Hello Steemit! My name is Elvira,

I was born and live in the Russian hinterland. First of all I hard worker, and then a little more now assistant, imbibed with mother's milk the love of work, nature and the earth Russian. About his age keep silence: in Russian women is not accepted to ask about age, it is considered bad form. There is a saying: a woman as old as she feels.

About sport:

Since childhood, she loved to jump, run, climb, swim - you can tell all this made me interested in the sport, which has led to a great world of sport in the aftermath. Even when I was in school I was taken to the district level competitions, at the time and could not think that will start to lift weights. In 2010 he came to learn from a teacher of physical culture, and there drew me this sport, and I decided to try. A year later, I had no idea his life without exercise, went to competitions, trained, never ceased to train even in the state. In parallel, and arm wrestling at the moment is a multiple champion in its region and in weight lifting and arm wrestling, All-Russian competition medalist, is a candidate for master of sports. I believe that everyone should have their sport. Sports need to constantly cultivate in everyday life and in the media, without sports I can not imagine his life, that and all I wish!

Interest in cryptocurrency:

Trading on the stock and currency markets do for a long time, but the first conscious interest in cryptocurrency appeared in late 2013 in a Russian economic online game - Rashka, which played already since 2009. Way cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been winding from the start, but in recent years it pursued failure, the first blow to the credibility of bankruptcy was MtGox the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February 2014, when 850,000 Bitcoins were stolen ($ 450 million). We all probably still fresh in the memory, when the Bitcoin exchange rate on the internal MtGox fell below $ 100. And in March of the same year exchange bankrupt MtGox said that suddenly found 200,000 Bitcoins (or $ 120 million) on its unused wallet)) The last incident happened just recently, when users of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Bitfinex lost 36% of deposits 120,000 Bitcoins (or $ 71.6 million) after the hacker attack. Perfect in the world is nothing. Rules and mechanisms of monetary circulation, responsible for counterfeiting, for example, formed by centuries. The convenience of new electronic currency is accompanied by their weak security and safety. They are easier to forbid, to steal or to discount, but in any case for the future cryptocurrency!

As I came to trading?

Unemployment and insufficient incomes in rural areas are forced to look for an alternate means of income. The problem of rural poverty in Russia, widely reported in the literature and is realized by society as a critical point of national development. At the same time recognized its solution strategy is not developed. It all depends on the growth of rural incomes from agricultural employment. Need an increasing demand for agri-food products faster than the growth of labor productivity in the agricultural sector. This is only possible by agricultural protectionism, the protection of the domestic market from imported products and the maximum promotion of their own products to the world markets, as well as the maintenance of labor-intensive technology in agriculture. The migration of rural population to the cities leads to the fact that the rural population does not remain, lost control over large parts of the country, there will be unsustainable over-urbanization, there is a loss of national culture associated with the rural way of life, etc. Furthermore, if (as is likely, this is the case) the rural population can not compete in the urban labor market, this results in the displacement of rural poverty in the city. As the Russian proverb says: "There's good where we are not." So, it all started with the fact that I stumbled upon Forbes magazine, where examples of growth stocks have been listed for the year different companies, average growth stocks accounted for more bank deposits, and volatility could earn even more, it attracted me. Case fate brought me to the stock exchange, and to this day remains my main source of income. Management risk management, planning and be a trend - the key to successful trading.

Life in the village:

Life in the village is not only a pleasure: nature, fishing, fresh air, water from the well, berries, fruit, abundant and environmentally friendly food. This work, knowledge, experience and skills. With little winter vacation. During the summer period it is necessary to provide themselves with everything you need, from firewood to gather useful herbs grown birds, pigs, cows, calves and sheep, so from spring to late autumn people busy with the ongoing work. After all, in this short time you need to prepare for winter in order to survive it. Winter in the village - this is the most quiet time. Small winter holidays. And again in the battle - preparation for the next winter season. So the village lives from year to year, from spring to autumn. On the methods of cultivation can be a lot of talk, and to argue more. Perhaps sometime in detail, but in other blogs.


My dream is to restore the national culture and Russian villages through an unconditional basic income.

Exchange trade, or remote sales via the internet has a virtual nature, and comes down to the sale, ie, it can not touch and feel. No satisfaction that it brings practical benefits to society as a whole, and I want to do something in the present, tangible, real, say growing vegetables for sale or breeding of livestock, produce bricks or pottery. In this regard, the concept of Unconditional basic income (UBI) would be very helpful, everyone can do what he truly interesting; without leaving their homes. You as a progressive community must have heard about the Unconditional basic income. It is a social concept, implying the regular payment of a certain sum of money to each member of a particular community by the state or other institutions. Payments are made to all community members, regardless of income level and without having to do the work. The world would be much more interesting.

I am very pleased that it has become a member of this community. For his part, I promise to share their rural way of life, because there is no more beautiful place in the world for me than Russian backwoods!

I have in social networks: VK

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The Russian-language version of the text in the economic game Rashka

Our group in the economic game Rashka, which began to take shape today!

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Я бы сказала недооценённый. Спасибо, но есть над чем поработать, то ли много буковок в тексте, то ли так плох перевод... говорили же писать простыми односложными предложениями ))

Мне кажется, успех поста зависит от того проголосует ли в самом начале "кит", если это происходит, пост поднимается в своей секции вверх и дальше его лайкают уже все для набора кураторских бонусов, так что тут как повезет, или же надо подстраиваться спецом под вкусы "китов" , что скучно и напряжно, это уже работа... Очень хороший пост, непохожий на другие представления, но не повезло с "китом". Хотя может еще заметит)) Удачи!

Спасибо, сдаваться никто не собирается, мы только в начале пути длинною в жизнь. Я заметила, что есть интересные люди, но их мало кто замечает, допустим zaebars, а есть те, кого киты постоянно "тащат " с первой минуты, тем самым подтверждая систему пирамиды.

А вы пользовались переводчиком или сами переводили?

Google Resource Не думаю, что мой перевод был бы лучше ))

Welcome to Steemit Elvira! Great this post's now in english :)

Great thank you. This new world still have a long time to explore.

Well, though Google is the 2-nd company in the world by market capitalization, their translator is still in great need of improvement )))

It is difficult to say how well the translation, if there is no knowledge in this area.

Nice post. You may find people on Steem it who are willing to help you with translating your posts. In any case, I hope you keep posting your interesting story!

Thanks for the support! I will try to solve this problem.

Interesting post. Well done :)

Ciao! Ciao!

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.


Delighted to have you here with us!

Exciting to have ya!

I think a man should decide what girl he wants to see next to him. Amid Russians there are all types. I like adventurous ones so I found mine at and I found exactly what I wanted.