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I should have written this post long before but was ignorant about it. Yeah! I came late but came safely.

My name is Panku Saikia and I am from Golaghat, a small town in North-East India.
So my life online began when I was pursuing my Master's in Education from Gauhati University year 2017. My father is a retired police officer. He somehow financially helped me to complete my master's along with my one brother and one sister. He tried really hard to provide everything we needed.

Becoming a Police Officer was my dream. so I applied for the written exam. I did my best but unfortunately, I was not qualified. Here money matters a lot. If you want a good job you need to pay them. It's like buying a job but We could not afford it, my dream was shattered by a single result.

Back in September 2016, my small brother was involved in a bike accident and he was severely injured. All the savings were spent on him and luckily he came back to our life but from that moment we all began to suffer from poverty. My father was retired and I was not in that circumstance to do a job to support my family. Our whole family was surrounded by problems and difficulties relating to money.

In March 2017, I asked my father for $45 for my last semester examination. My father told me that he needs some time in a very soft manner. I knew he was very tensed and was sad as he was not able to provide us with whatever we needed. I cried that night for facing such a bad situation. Since I was studying, doing a parttime job was also not possible.
__ I googled, "How to earn money online", I got a bunch of lists but do they really pay was the real question as I was really new to this online earning world. I found a video about Bitcoin on youtube by @moneyguruu (Sumit Kapoor) that claims that investing in bitcoin can give insane returns. I was excited. I studied, did much research about bitcoin, how it works, what is mining and all. But the real problem was I had not even a single penny to invest on. I told my father about it thinking that he would trust but instead, he scolded me for he thinks it to be SCAM.

Besides Bitcoin, I found many non-investment platforms where hard work was necessary. I studied at daytime worked hard late at night online. By August 2017, I passed my Master's with flying colors and also became a little expert in non-investment platforms too.

From March till August I worked really hard online and managed to earn $150 which I collected on my bank. Everyone says you can earn lots of money doing surveys and clicking PTC sites but trust me it's not true.
On August 15, was my birthday and India's Independence day too. I made my heart strong, created an account on zebpay exchange and bought Bitcoin (my first cryptocurrency). I was both happy and afraid, happy because I bought bitcoin, afraid because this was my first time in the crypto world.

In the meantime, I looked for a good job but did not get any. My dream job was also gone as they recruit once every 3 years and next time I will not be eligible due to my increased age. I continued working hard online and the most important day of my life- 16 October 2017 came into my life. This day Sumit Kapoor uploaded a video on youtube about Electroneum ICO that attracted my attention. I did some research that day itself and bought Electroneum for $100 which I invested in Bitcoin earlier.

I joined steemit too in October 2017 but did not pay much attention to it as I was not a writer. On January 6, 2018, I sold all my Electroneum @0.18 each and was really very happy about it. I seriously made a huge profit and of course I gave $500 to my father as my first income on January 10.

I don't wish to work somewhere else now. I trust in cryptomarket and yes it is possible to earn money through non-investment platforms but hard work is really necessary. I am still learning about this cryptomarket, have seen ATHs and lows. I made a huge mistake investing in Electroneum again at $0.07 but let's see as I believe in this project.

Apart from this, no matter whatever I am invested in, no matter people support me or not. I do believe in hard work and I believe I will be rich one day.

I am truly very thankful to @moneyguruu. Though we never met each other, and though he does not even know me, he is like an angel to me. He gave me hope, encouraged me to work hard through his videos and everything that I am today.

I have two important people In my life- My FATHER, who raised me up like a good father and,
SUMIT KAPOOR, who gave me hope to earn and work hard for a living.

This is me. Signing out.
See you tomorrow.


Well written article ! Keep it up !

REally thanks mate.

Hi @pankuvirat...
Welcome to platform steemit, please join to discord Musing.io here: https://discord.gg/y8eCPX

What is this Musing platform for?

Please join if you understand...

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You are welcome to steem community keep posting enjoy your self here

Thank you friend. Hope to see your around always.

Hope we all get succeed in crypto.....

Thank you mate. Thanks for reading.

Welcome to Steem platform. Lets together make @steem platform bigger.

If we get the support of each other.

Thanks mate. You cannot say how life turns.

Hi panku!!! Welcome to the community.. and yeah you should have done it earlier but its never too late.. 😊

Hehe, thanks that you read it. Hope we bboth will get success here.

Yes in time..

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Thanks for inviting.

Pankuvirat u have really worked hard to acheive what u have today..thats very good and m glad to have a working partner like u bro..speaking about the greatest man in the online world i have seen Mr. Sumit sir...he is an inspiration to me as well. I can only hope for that day when i get to meet this great personality... we all love u sumit sir... 😀😀😀😀

Well said buddy, thanks. You have my support buddy.

welcome bro. This is the platform where every one needs each other. So keep in touch and help each other.
Good to see you.

Yup. I am there for you

Good luck my friend...

Thank you, buddy. I don't know why but when you read my post, I feel good.

Thank you, buddy. I
Don't know why but when you read
My post, I feel good.

                 - pankuvirat

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hello panku,
Welcome to steemit.com.

We both are aboard the same boat.

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