New to Steemit and Crypto

Hello guys and girls :)

I just wanted to write this post to introduce myself to you and the steemit community and also to write my first post...

A friend of mine always asked me to join this site and I finally did some weeks ago... But I didn't had the time yet to finally read some of the stories here and to post. But now that I sucessfully got my universities degree I have a little bit more time for the Internet again :) And so far this seems to be an intersting platform.

I am from Germany, living somewhere in the west near the border of the netherlands.

I am working in the IT field, where my main focus lies on software engineering and DevOps.

Besides that, I'd like to read a lot (but not books :)) and love watching movies and series.

Today is a very nice day in Germany, with lots of snow:


Welcome ;)

welcome to steemit! you are an amazing person and I hope to see more of your work here soon! From @jahangirbalti

We (people who love wild animals) welcomes you to the Steemit world..
It is very good platform to earn coins ..
We make people aware and know the importance of wild animals.
Poaching and hunting is accelerating there extinction...
It is our duty to conserve these beautiful animals.
we @pleasesaveus thanks you for reading

Hi, @paatrick nice to read about you, i am SanjeevPal from India, I am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.i have followed you. so you can

also follow me.
Best of luck! @sanjeevpal

welcome to steemit world . Always Remember 5 points..
1)Never copy paste content from any where ..
2)It can take some time but if you work hard , God will definitely give you success..
3)Never abuse anyone or post haterade content on steemit..
4)Daily post will increase your REPUTATION SCORE (number by the side of your name)
Reputation score is mainly based on upvotes and comments .
No matter what you post ,if it gets upvotes and comments then reputation score will increase
Don't let anyone flag you or downvote you..
5)Your first post should be your introduction..
You can follow me @be4u

Welcome to steemit paatrick I wish you success and a fun time here.

Hi,friend. Welcome to Steemit. It's great to have you here. I wish you good luck as you blog in our community. @greatness96

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