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Hello my fellow Steem Posters! We have been on Steem for a little bit now and we thought it was time for a proper introduction!

Okay Lets Get This Started!

We are @ozarkoffgridfam or also known as Ozark Off Grid Family by our Youtube subscribers. We are a simple family that is trying to live the simple life here in the Missouri Ozarks. We want to spend our time here on Steemit sharing our lives, our thoughts, our victories, and our failures with every one. We also want to help the homesteading community on here grow and thrive. We also want to help lift people up with our post. We want the new homesteaders to know that even us that have been doing this for some time still have set backs.
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We started to live this life style about three years ago. We don’t have any power lines or water lines running to our property. We are able to run our house off of 1000 watts of solar. We get our water from a 356 foot well that is on our property that we have to hand pump. We raise animals and grow our own food in the gardens.
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Our goal when it comes to living this life style is to be as self-reliant as possible. But hey we all need some things from the store from time to time right? We want to raise our children to respect them self’s as well as others. We want to teach our children the meaning of raising their own food. We start from seed in the garden and grow until harvest and with our animals we start them off as baby’s and raise them until Slater.

We want our children to know the meaning of hard work and to see the rewards of that hard work.
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We hope that you will like our post and will follow us along in our journey as the Ozark Off Grid Family!
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Thanks for the intro. Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you very much for the Welcome!

Nice introduction post! Glad you made it onto this platform. It’s going to change your life, hope you have a good time.

Welcome! This intro post allowed me to find you guys. Thanks for making it.

Wow, all professional and everything. I don't have TV so if you are on a show I wouldn't know it, haha. You certainly have caught my attention though. Looking forward to watching you grow. Oh and I do know Doug and Stacy from YouTube world. What awesome friends to have.

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