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The day that i left my country i was devastated, the switch of culture and the different language that made me feel so alone, even though i was with my parents and sister. We came to The Netherlands in 2007 and since then my life changed.

Me and my family moved out of Iraq as a refugees to The Netherlands. The war was still going and even more the with the people who live there. It was more a survival to everyone. A lot of people tried to get out of the country back then but it was not easy. The that i left my mom woke me up and me and my sister didn't know we leaving the country.

It was 5 am in the morning and my mom came to my room and start to wake me up with my sister. She was dressed and me and my sister thought why so early and why you dressed ''she said stand up and i'll see at the diner table'' So we got up and went to the dining room and saw my mother packed up and she said come and sit. Me and my sis were little bit panicked because the way she was acting.

We sat on the table and she start to tell us that we are leaving the country and no one should know about this otherwise we will get followed by someone and we have to be careful. So me and my sister start to cry because we didn't had the chance to say goodbye to friends and family, and we going to leave everything behind. So we packed our last couple things and waited for the car to come. The car (the person we paid to get out the country) was waiting downstairs. Me and my sister got in the car and my mother was helping the guy to put some of the stuff in the car. Next our house there was tree i always like to climb on. I was staring at and crying about what happened to my country and my people.

To be continued......


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