[74 yrs young] HI this is Russell S Curtis from Kentucky and I want to introduce myself to everyone

Hi Streemit

My name is Russell I grew up in Indiana but after losing my land, I'm down here in Kentucky living in a motorhome after I lost my home due to back taxes.

A little back story on myself. I was a welder out of high school when I was drafted to go to the war in Vietnam at the age of 24. I was just about to be sent off but they found out I was an only son. So I always felt bad that I didn't get to serve with the guys I trained with but I served my time in Texas training AITs for driving in combat.

After serving, I was looking for steady work and I got to drywall finishing. I wanted a solid trade where I could make a decent living. I was a contractor so my social security unfortunately doesn't amount to much.

I'm doing my best to bid my time but I'd really like to get out West to stay with friends that have a big place where I can work on my various projects I like to do such as drawing, oil painting and building unique machines & electronics.

Here is a 3 wheel bike I made. It wasn't fancy but it flew.

The age on the clock my say I'm in my 70s but I'm really young at heart. I have all these ideas in my noggin that I know I could share with the world but I feel stuck where I'm at now with no place to work.

I was married at one point but I found out my wife left me for another in 1980. one that was young then me. I guess that the way it goes some time's in life; at lease that the it was for me, I really loved my wife in till the she left me a alone It was hard for the first five years. But life goes on and that it was for me.

I did make a wonderful connection with a beautiful person named Julia Bradshaw from the Philippines and I made this drawing of her. When they had that huge hurricane over there, I got a letter from her daughter that see was killed and lost the 2nd love of my life.

But this is just part of getting older I guess. I'm still here and active. I've had my challenges but I'm still braving forward looking for new adventures. So I was happy when my younger friend Scot told me about Steemit.

Thanks for listening and look forward to making new friends and sharing ideas
Russell S. Curtis


Welcome to Steemit. That bike looks really cool how fast does it go? Any life advice for the younger folks out here?

I had the bike up to 36 mph know that is fast for old man. But it was fun!

Yes that it was.

Kentucky native, myself sir. We might not have much but at least we have Bourbon. Thanks for your post, and glad to have you here buddy.

I saw on channel 6 news a few months ago they were talking about the new Bourbon factory which is good for Kentucky but I'm passed my drinking days.

What county are you in? I'm up close to Cincinnati.

I live in Callaway county. I hope that's how you spell it.

Welcome Russell... sounds like you are an interesting guy and look forward to hearing more about you.

why thank you... I'll have some things more things I will post. I'm still learning how all of this works.

the problems is bad.
they persecuted many people. I'm not an exception.
but I liked your post.
you are a good person and I wish you good luck, health and love.

Thank You I try to be a good person.

therefore us - good people lives harder...

Thank You Now that is the truth and at the same time it is fun.

Sometimes I think it's masochism and not fun :)

That is true but you have to look at life more on the bright side of life. other wise you will moping and is not the way to go. It is a hard thing for me to write about. I'm not that much up on words of the kind. But thank you for your comeback.

I love the drawing and I hope you will share more in the future.

That i can do my friend.

G'day Russell. Richard here from down under. We've talked on Skype before. I like the post

Hi Richard How is life doing you from down under I hope everything good health. And everything is very very HOT
here Yes i remember you Richard on SKYPE. So you really like What I'm doing, I hope it works out for me I do need the help. Thank You Richard for reading my post.

Hi Russ

You're welcome mate. Life is challenging but no matter what, it's good to be alive on this spinning planet in which we temporarily dwell :-). We are still in winter mode here but not for too much longer.

Take care buddy

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