Hello from Venezuela! My resume:

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My name is Oriana Cordero, I am 20 years old and I am Venezuelan. I am currently a student of business organization. Since I entered university, I had to live alone for the first time, far from my family and my home, but luckily I do it with my best friend, whom I have known for 8 years.

I like to listen to music, read mystery and fantasy books, share with my friends and family. I love my professional career and I hope to get very far once I graduate. I am in favor of learning something new every day.

My favorite book is The Professor by John Katzenbach and my favorite saga is The Legacy of Christopher Paolini.

I hated the beach, but since life is ironic, my university is located right on the beach. Now I love the beach! although I do not know how to swim, but I'm learning.

My passion for reading also allows me to read blogs from people who write either for pleasure or to be recognized, so I think Steemit is a good opportunity to read the works of many people.

It should also be noted that I think it is excellent to be able to collaborate in the translations of the projects, it is a good opportunity for these projects to cover more land in the world and the satisfaction of having been part of that is forever.

Thanks for reading, I hope we can share more and more of our experiences!

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welcome to steemit! venezuela must be a beautiful country, hope to get there once ;) wish you success and fun with steemit!

Yes! Thank you!!

welcome to the community' good luck

Welcome 😊

Thank you :)

Welcome pretty @oriana1221

Welcome @oriana1221!!


Hey! Welcome to Steemit! This community is amazing but does take some getting use to since it’s a bit different than the other social media platforms.

I joined Steemit December 30th, 2017 and have had a blast networking, learning and earning (actually made some pretty good money so far)!

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Welcome to the community!!

Thank you :)

Welcome to Steemit @Oriana1221! Nice intro, please don't forget to do a verification picture. I'm sure you will enjoy it here as you say you're interested in reading about people. We've been hearing a lot about the economy in Venezuela, I know many will be interested to hear your experiences too. Steem on!

Of course! Thank you!


bienvenida a la comunidad oriana

Gracias mile!

Welcome to steemit!

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epale paisana, bienvenida

Gracias paisano! :)

Bienvenida espero nos traigas algunos relatos de fantasía :P 😊