Hey fellow steemers ^ ^ New to Steem and love it!! Already SP'd it up and you should too!

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Hey, everyone, I am new and come from Reddit :) My name is Steven, and I love cryptocoins and the innovation they are bringing to our world. I think steemit is amazing innovation in this field. I love the whole idea and think it will really take off in the future. So don't forget to SP it up everyone!

So little about me. I am a 24 year old college graduate with my 4 year degree in math. Some of my hobbies are cryptos, anime, Japanese, drinking coffee, and reading light novels. My goal in life is to live overseas in Japan and learn Japanese. I think everyone in life should branch out and explore the world to get a different perspective and to met new people. I have been studying Japanese for about a year and a half now, and I love it. I know one day I will learn Japanese and fulfill my dream of becoming a translator, and I think if people are not chasing their dreams in life then they should be! I plan to move to Japan in a year to be fully immersed in the language. 

Another thing I mentioned is that I like light novels which are basically just novels that are not as 'professionally' written as regular novels. Mostly they are from Japan, Korean, and China. Well most are crazy fantasy stories that are as addicting as hell, especially the ones from China. China has a massive market for web novels. These novels release 2 to 5 chapters a day, and they are hugely popular over there. Now quite a few are being translated into English which is what I waste my life on, reading them. You can catch some of these novels at http://gravitytales.com and check out the list novels being translated at www.novelupdates.com. I say all that because currently, I am the editor for a series over at GT above that releases once a day (http://gravitytales.com/blue-phoenix/) and if you have some time check it out! 

Having said that, I think this site is perfect for content creators such as translators and authors. I think steemit is a good way for them to both find a new audience and get exposure while getting paid for the hard work they do. I will probably ask Tinalynge, the author of Blue Phoenix, to come to steemit as I know you guys would love to have her :) I am excited to see how this site will work in the future for content creators, and I think it will be amazing. Unfortunatley, I am new and still reading up on all of it. I dont understand alot of how it works but am learning every day. Thanks for reading and see everyone around!

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Nice to meet a fellow Light Novel reader. For anyone who watches Anime or reads Manga, you should check out Light Novels, I think you'll like them.


Good to meet you ^ ^
I would second this. If you like anime or manga then you will love light novels, wuxia, and xianxia stories.

Hi and welcome!

I took a quick look at a random chapter of Blue Phoenix, it looks interesting and is well written. I enjoy some anime and I will have to work some light novels into my reading, as I have heard them recommended before.

There is a lot to read here! I hope you can add something; maybe on math or one of your hobbies. Best wishes!


Thanks man! Read it if you have some time. I think its worth reading or I wouldn't edit it every day haha ^ ^ It is one of the best and fastest releasing English light novels being written. Though I think it has some ways to go to reach the level of the top Chinese novels, but then again those guys make millions by writing.

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for the info on the novels. That looks cool.

Never thought of drinking coffee as a hobby, but I guess it qualifies. Do you, perchance, use an Aeropress? How about butter? Yums.


haha guess it really doesnt, but I do like it. Nah I dont, should I get one? Also I would never put butter in my coffee. Sounds horrible to me


Ever had anything that wasn't made better by butter? Do you put cream in? Cream is just pre-butter! I don't know about the purported health benefits (Bulletproof Diet), but it definitely tastes pretty damn good. An Aeropress is a fancy coffeemaker that a lot of coffee purists use.