What's good?! Everyday is a Dream.

Call me Jay, everyone else does. I am a freelance multimedia designer that wears many hats. From building websites, social media and SEO marketing, photo and video editing, and overall just getting things done. Although new to crypto and STEEM in general I am driven by the fascination and potential this community platform has to offer for those who are ready for something different.

What better way to connect with good people worldwide in a creative process that supports those who are hungry for connection, change, and a higher expansion of how we can all influence each other in a positive way.

I hope to be a part of something that provides opportunity for us all. 😎

My participation will be random. From sunsets to venting, from health to hustling, from riding goofy foot to roots music. No rules are good rules. I hope to contribute to a solid foundation that sustains a beneficial and universal medium we can all benefit from.

Nice to meet you! Let’s go for a ride together.

Best, Jay

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Welcome to family :)

Welcome to the community!

Wellcome to steemit

Awesome video Jay, Living it large there, I have to follow :)


Appreciate it!

Hi Jay, I'm Amber! Nice to meet you :) I am new (2 days) here myself, but so far everyone has been really nice and welcoming! Have a great weekend!! 🙂🙂


Thank you!

Welcome to this incredible platform, Cool time lapse video !

Hope you enjoy this place as much as I do. It's not difficult to get started. A little effort will truly go a long way, engagement is key.
Good luck ! You can follow my blog @wannerbet - I'm doing a 100K trading challenge starting very soon !
A great way to start is by Following ,Upvoting & Resteeming people and they will do the same for you.



Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Good job on the shot as well as setup of the footage reel. Have a good one.


Right on ~ You as well.

Aloha, welcome to Steemit!!
Nice introduction. You will do very well on this platform.
Steem on!!


🌴 🌸

Welcome to Steem @onejahson I have sent you a tip



Welcome aboard, Jay! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek

welcome Jay, it sounds good your video ^_^ can you tell me the name of this song plz ?


Song is, "Everyday is a dream" 😊

Welcome to Steemit @onejahson!
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